Current Council Projects 

Livingstone Shire Council manages a very diverse range of infrastructure assets with a value close to $1.0 billion. These assets cover categories such as land, buildings & facilities, plant & equipment, roads & drainage, bridge, water, sewerage, waste. Council is responsible for the construction, upgrade and renewal of these assets through its capital works program. We forecast our 2020-2021 spend on capital projects will be $41.5 million.

We implement projects that support the strategic direction of our Corporate Plan and Community Plan:Towards 2050. These aim to strengthen the regional economy, protect our environment and improve services and facilities for our residents, businesses and visitors.

Current Major Regional Projects 

Infrastructure projects valued at more than $4 billion are generating unprecedented opportunities for regional business and local workforce across the region encompassing Livingstone and Rockhampton Council areas. In 2020, as major infrastructure projects continue to progress, commence or finalise, Capricorn Enterprise will keep you up to date with the latest project news. Local industry participation commitments (ranging from 65% up to 80% local content) on many of these projects have been made. Our overall challenge will be ensuring that industry are suitably qualified (being compliant plus meeting Commonwealth procurement rules) and demonstrate a competitive edge.