School Holiday Programming & Youth Opportunities

Let's keep young people invested in healthy habits!

Council's Youth Support Services, along with other Council departments, coordinate a variety of youth opportunities within the community. This includes school holiday programs for each school holiday period, Youth Week and other opportunities as they arise. Our focus is simple: we provide opportunities for young people to engage with their local community and empower themselves to make healthy habits in everyday life!

View our holiday programs here

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Youth Opportunities

Youth Services staff are a creative bunch!!
We know for young people to be engaged in learning, our programs need to be fun. Our programs/ activities are designed with this in mind at all times.

If you would like to discuss an opportunity to design a program or activity please reach out to us.

Collaboration is our best friend, and we thrive on partnership opportunities to get things happening for youth!

Visit the 'Contact Us' section to reach out!

Want to ensure you stay up to date with our youth opportunities?

Follow the Youth in Livingstone Facebook page, as this is our main platform for advertising.

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Want to book an activity?

Bookings for most of Council's activities and events are through Council's Eventbrite website.

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