Completed Projects

  • Water supply reliability for the southern end of the Capricorn Coast has now been secured for years to come as construction of a new concrete reservoir reached completion.

    The contract for the $2.86 million four megalitre reservoir was awarded to Hornick Constructions Pty Ltd, to ensure the townships of Emu Park, Zilzie and Keppel Sands have sufficient and reliable potable water supplies into the future.

    The major project received $2 million from the Local Economic Recovery Program which is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments through Category D of the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA), with Livingstone Shire Council funding the remainder.

    This reservoir adds 1.8 times the size of the existing Emu Park water storage, now providing a total of water storage around Emu Park to 6.27ML. 

    Media Releases 

    Capricorn Coast water supply strengthened with construction of new reservoir

    Construction of new reservoir at Emu Park to begin soon

    Emu park reservoir

  • Major upgrades to Stanage Bay Road between the Bruce Highway and the Army Access gate were completed in August 2023, thanks to the Australian Government’s Roads of Strategic Importance (ROSI) initiative. 

    The $21.6 million project involved upgrading and sealing approximately 39.7 kilometres of road to enhance connectivity, safety and accessibility for residents and visitors to the area.

    The upgrades provide a nationally recognised ‘fit-for-purpose’ road corridor that is better equipped to handle the growing number of military and associated heavy transport vehicles currently using this Council-maintained road.

    Media Releases

    Major Road Upgrade for Key Freight Route Complete

    Stanage Bay Road Project Drives into Final Stage of Construction

    Tender awarded for next stage of Stanage Bay Road major sealing works

    Major sealing upgrades progressing for key access route on Stanage Bay Road

    Major sealing upgrades commence for key access route on Stanage Bay Road

    Stanage Bay Rd upgrade completionMayor and Councillors join Council project management officers and Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry at a ribbon cutting to commemorate the completion of this major project.



  • Reconstruction Project - Stage 2

    Stage 2 of upgrades to Matthew Flinders Drive in Cooee Bay were completed in March 2023, thanks to funding from the Queensland Government. The $1.69m reconstruction project, fully funded under the Works for Queensland (W4Q) program included the renewal of the road pavement and upgrades to stormwater pipes, pits, kerbs and channels from Edward Street to Percy Ford Street, Cooee Bay. 

    The works will provide a higher level of safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, and stormwater upgrades will result in better management of surface water during rain events.

    Media Releases

    Reconstruction Project on Matthew Flinders Drive improves road safety

    Works to begin on Stage 2 of Matthew Flinders Drive

    Matthew Flinders Drive works progressing despite delays

    Reconstruction Project - Stage 1

    Stage 1, between Scenic Highway and Edward Street was completed in December 2020.

    Stage 2 map


    Deputy Mayor Adam Belot and Councillor Glenda Mather inspect the reconstruction works on Matthew Flinders Drive ahead of its reopening this week.

    Deputy Mayor Adam Belot and Councillor Glenda Mather inspect works on Matthew Flinders Drive reconstruction project.


  • Livingstone Shire motorists travelling through Taranganba now have a safer and smoother journey following the completion of the Carige Boulevard intersection upgrades.

    The reconstruction involved underground stormwater upgrades, construction of traffic islands, kerb and channel placement, shared pathways, asphalt renewal, and the addition of a new landscaped roundabout.

    The $1.8 million roundabout at the intersection of Carige Boulevard and Taranganba Road will improve traffic flow and safety on one of our busiest roads.

    Media Releases

    7 October 2022 - Carige Boulevard intersection upgrade complete 

    Carige blvd roundabout taranganba

  • The new Community Resource Recovery (CRRC), located at the Yeppoon Landfill, is now open to the public. The facility will divert waste from landfill by increasing the level of sorting and capturing of reusable, recyclable, or recoverable materials. The CRRC has been set up with separate bays for our residents to place their steel, cardboard, eWaste, car batteries, green waste, cooking oil and items that can be sold in the Yeppoon Reuse Market (previously known as the Tip Shop). Remember to sort your load and save! 

    Council estimates that it will need to spend $30 million within the next 10 years to cap the existing landfill cells and build additional cells.

    This multi-purpose facility will help divert close to 3000 tonnes of waste from Yeppoon Landfill each year, extending the lifetime of the current landfill cell by two years allowing council to defer spending $8-9 million in the short term.

    The provision of this new Community Resource Recovery Centre is a key part of council’s Management of Resource Recovery and Waste Strategy that aims to position the Livingstone community on a path towards a zero-waste future.

    We are very grateful for the Queensland Government’s contribution to this necessary project which provides residents with a modern and purpose-built facility.

    Media Releases

    28 July 2021 - Resource Recovery Centre works evolve with new and improved design

    9 March 2022 - Resource Recovery Centre tender awarded 

    4 April 2022 - SOD turning for $3 million investment in reducing waste

    16 November 2022 - Being a good sort just got easier! 

    Community Resource Recovery Centre

  • Significant refurbishment work has been carried out on one of Livingstone’s largest water supply assets to boost water security across the northern suburbs.

    A number of improvements have been made to the 97-year-old Mt Charlton Reservoir, which services over 5,000 residents and businesses.

    The upgrades, delivered at a cost of just over $1.4 million, took 5 months to complete and included the replacement of not only the roof sheeting but the 600 original wooden purlins too, bringing the roof structure up to current building standards.

    Media Releases

    12 August 2022 - Budget invests $6.6m towards safe drinking water 

    9 November 2022 - Mt Charlton Reservoir upgrades complete 

    Mt charlton reservoir s new roof

  • The Emu Park Community Arts Centre was officially opened in December 2021. The facility features an exhibition gallery, workshops space, and commercial space, providing a vibrant new premises for local and regional art communities and a functional gallery space in which to host travelling exhibitions.  Council was successful in obtaining $1.1 million in Works for Queensland (W4Q) funding to undertake the major project, with $200,000 funding also allocated to the space by Council.

    emu park art gallery

    Emu Park Gallery


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