Human Rights Act 2019

Council recognises that it has an important role in complying with Queensland’s Human Rights Act 2019  through its actions, decisions, proposals and recommendations.

The Human Rights Act 2019 protects 23 Human Rights. Public entities, such as Council must uphold these rights when they make decisions, create laws, set policies and provide services.

The main objects of the Act are to:

  • protect and promote human rights;
  • help build a culture in the Queensland public sector that respects and promotes human rights; and
  • help promote a dialogue about the nature, meaning and scope of human rights.

The Human Rights Act 2019 aims to ensure that public powers and functions are exercised in a principled way and that public power is not misused.


Under the Human Rights Act 2019 when individuals believe a public entity has breached their human rights obligations they have the right to complain and seek remedies. There are a number of different ways that people can complain and seek a remedy in relation to their human rights under the Act. This includes:

  • internal complaints;
  • independent complaints; and
  • raising the Act in courts and tribunals.

Under the Human Rights Act an individual must first raise a complaint directly with a public entity. Once 45 business days have elapsed the person may refer the matter to the Queensland Human Rights Commission if the complaint has not been responded to or the person is not satisfied with the response.

Complaints may be made by:

Verbally by phoning Council’s customer service centre: 1300 790 919

By email to:

In writing to:
Chief Executive Officer
Livingstone Shire Council
PO Box 2292

If the complaint is not responded to, or not adequately responded to, after 45 business days have passed the person may make a complaint to the Human Rights Commission.

The Commission may refuse to deal with the complaint if it is not made within 1 year of the public entity’s decision or action. Complaints may also be accepted by the Commission within the 45 business day period of the Commissioner considers there are exceptional circumstances. Complaints will only be able to be made regarding acts or decisions which occur on or after 1 January 2020.

For further details in relation to the complaints process refer to Councils Human Rights Policy or for more information about your rights or how to make a complaint that falls under the Human Rights Act 2019 click here.