Public Notification

The Planning Act 2016 requires the public to be notified about any 'impact assessable' development applications during the assessment process.

The process of public notification allows adjoining or nearby property owners, and others, the opportunity to look at a proposed development, consider the likely impacts the proposal may have on them, and provide comment about the proposal prior to a decision being made.

The community is made aware of the opportunity to comment during this period (normally a minimum of 15 days) in accordance with the Development Assessment Rules by way of the following:

  • a sign on the land (placed on, or within a reasonable distance of the road frontage for the premises); and
  • a notice in a local newspaper (online local newspaper or hard copy state newspaper); and
  •  a letter from the applicant, if you are an adjoining owner.

Applications currently on public notification

Council makes all development application material available via the Application Enquiry function on our Online Services page. From the Online Services homepage, click on the Application Enquiry image > Select Public Notification DA Planning from the drop down list then click Next > Click on relevant Application Number to obtain details of application. 

Submissions for or against the proposed development can be emailed to our Development Support Services team at 

Making a submission about an application

Anyone can formally submit comments to support or oppose any of the applications listed above prior to the close date. These comments are called 'submissions' and can be made on any type of development application. However, the legal right to appeal the decision is only possible on impact assessable development applications. 

Find out more about how to have your say on a development proposal.

In order to be a properly made submission, which allows a right of appeal in the Planning and Environment Court, submissions need to meet the following criteria:

  • The submission must be in writing and, unless provided electronically, be signed by each person making the submission
  • be received by Council during the public notification period for that application (on or before the last day)
  • include the full name and full residential or business street address of each person making the submission
  • state the reasons for the submission (e.g. the grounds for your support or objection, facts about the proposed development and any relevant circumstances)
  • include a postal or email address for each person making the submission.

A Letter of Submission template is available for your use to ensure your submission is properly made.

You can send your submission in the following ways:

  • online via the Application Enquiry function. Please search via the application number and click the Email Council button at the bottom of the application information page
  • by email to 
  • by post – PO Box 2292, Yeppoon Qld 4703
  • in person at one of our Customer Support Centres

Submissions are not confidential. State legislation requires Council to keep copies of submissions available for inspection and purchase by members of the public until such time as the application is finalised. All submissions received by Council for a development application are published on our Online Services Centre with the other documents for that application.

Anyone who has made a formal submission about an impact assessable development application will receive a copy of the decision. If you are not satisfied with the decision, you can appeal. You can learn more about dispute resolution online.