Lighting Fires

Our Customer Service team regularly receive phone calls about lighting fires in public areas and on private property. These handy tips and hints have been included to answer the most frequently asked questions in relation to fires.

In public areas such as parks, reserves and beaches, fires can only be lit in a fireplace, barbecue or incinerator that has been constructed by Council. This includes public beaches in the Livingstone region as well as Great Keppel Island. If there is no fireplace, barbecue or incinerator provided in these areas it is often to prevent fires so please do not make your own!

On private property in Livingstone Shire, fires are only permitted outdoors in a fireplace which has been constructed to prevent the fire or any burning material from escaping, or if permitted by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES).

Tips to consider before lighting a fire:

  • Obtain a QFES or Rural Fire Service (RFS) permit before a lighting a fire
  • Comply with all conditions of the permit
  • Observe fire restrictions and fire bans
  • Recycle or reuse waste where possible
  • Regular composting reduces the need for burning in the open air
  • Avoid burning paints, hazardous chemicals, wet paper or cloth and sanitary napkins, as they release hazardous chemicals
  • Avoid burning wet or green vegetation which smoulders and causes excessive smoke
  • Take large branches or trees to Council waste facilities or transfer stations

Council does not issue permits to burn.

For more information on fire safety or to apply for a fire permit please visit the Queensland Government or the Rural Fire Service QLD in regards to all restrictions and policies placed in Queensland to improve fire safety.

Your fire, Your responsibility