Community Organisation Tenure

Council recognises and is committed to meeting the needs of community organisations to have access to Council owned or controlled land through appropriate and consistent tenure arrangements. Community organisations require access to community land to conduct a range of activities that enhance the physical activity, social interaction and cultural development of the community. Community organisations are often volunteer-based and have objectives focussed on community development and the provision of community services.

Organisations eligible to apply for tenure agreements over Council owned or controlled land include sporting, recreational, educational, cultural and other not-for-profit community service and volunteer based organisations. Consideration is given to organisations that demonstrate the principles and practices of multi-purpose use, shared use, flexibility in activities and can demonstrate community benefit or fulfil a community need where there is a gap in service provision.

Tenure agreements (lease, licence or permit) contain clearly defined rights of use and access to Council owned or controlled land for the period of the tenure arrangement, including responsibility for the care, development and maintenance of the site, ensuring that Council owned or controlled facilities are appropriately maintained.

It is recognised that community organisations are often comprised of volunteers acting in the individual’s discretionary time, however organisations need to value, protect and preserve the community assets they enjoy for the ongoing benefit of the community.

Council is committed to ensuring fair and consistent tenure conditions between organisations, however it is acknowledged that some conditions and terms may be negotiated between Council and individual organisations in extenuating circumstances.

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