Volunteer Programs


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Volunteering helps to build the resilience of our community. Community volunteers are knowledgeable, they are informed, can self-organise and they understand how to access resources and capabilities within and outside their communities. Ultimately, they show community pride and offer a significant contribution to Livingstone Shire’s residents and visitors.

Livingstone Shire Council has a number of community volunteering programmes which offer volunteers a sense of empowerment, positivity and belonging.

To apply simply complete an application form and return.  From time to time volunteer programmes are at capacity and unable to accept new applicants, however we can look at other opportunities that may interest you.

Please read the Volunteer Policy before applying for any volunteering programmes.

  • Community Volunteer


    The Community Centre is located at 80 John Street, Yeppoon and is a hive of activity representing the essence of ‘Community’.  Visitors to the centre are able to access support, information and become involved in meeting, learning and sharing each other’s skills and knowledge.  A wide range of community groups hold their activities at the centre together with centre based programmes and events created and administered by the Community Centre. Volunteers can participate in varying ways to provide the community with accessible information and services.  This volunteer placement would suite you if you are energised from being around people, and you enjoy helping others of all ages, abilities, cultures and interests. 

  • Nursery  Volunteer


    Recently relocated to the Yeppoon Landfill at 2745 Yeppoon Road the nursery produces local provenance native plants, mainly for the purpose of restoring local native vegetation in the community. Provenance plants are propagated from the Nursery seed bank, grown to order and sold in 50mm tubes. Plants are available for Council projects, and may be purchased by developers, organisations and the general public. Volunteers contribute in the nursery by undertaking propagation, weeding and seed cleaning. If you have a love for plants, enjoy nursery activities and spending time with like-minded green thumbs this could be a good fit for you.

  • Events Volunteer


    Livingstone Shire Engagement and Events coordinate, plan, support and deliver all Council's major and minor events, functions, civic ceremonies, conferences, summits, and openings.  Events are very important to the Shire as they contribute to the local community by providing opportunities for social, cultural and economic benefit.   Each event is unique and to ensure they run smoothly, event volunteers can undertake a wide variety of roles including marshalling, ushering, drink station attendants, logistics, registration and much more.  As a volunteer at a Livingstone Shire event whether it be small or large you can be involved without missing out on the fun, help put smiles on the faces of our residents and visitors, meet members of our community and learn new information/skills.

  • Arts Volunteer


    Council’s events team also manage the arts and culture program for Council and are looking for interested people to join as “Art Partners” and assist with shows/musicals at the town hall, foreshore amphitheater and Emu Park Hall throughout the year.  The shows are a combination of both local talent and state, national and sometimes international acts that Council partners with to bring them to our Shire.  A variety of roles are available including set up of the shows, door sales, ushering, catering assistant etc.  Great way to see some great shows and meet some wonderful people in our community. 

  • Disaster Volunteer


    Disasters can strike at any time and in order to be a resilient community we rely on preparedness and planning prior to an event.  Based at the new Centre of Excellence for Disaster Management, Innovation and Community Resilience or affectionately known as The Hub in Beaman Park, Yeppoon the volunteering roles are very diverse.  

    Regardless of the particular skillset and background you bring to the table, there’s a good chance you have something to offer.  Whether you enjoy new technology, follow weather patterns and forecasts, like being an organised administrator, appreciate the devil in the detail by proof reading plans and suggesting improvements or providing interactive interesting tours to members of the community and visitors to the Shire this may be a good fit for you. As a Co-ordination Crusader you will ultimately be contributing to community safety and you will almost definitely learn something new. 

  • Beach Volunteer


    As Australia`s environment pressures are increasing our need to protect our coastal environments and habitats is of great importance. By volunteering for Livingstone Shire Council`s Friends of the Beach programme your contribution as an individual or with other like-minded volunteers can make a real difference to the health, resilience and natural beauty of the Livingstone Shire. There are many activities in which individuals and/or groups can do to help care for the Shires environment. Friends of the Beach volunteers carry out important activities such as re-vegetation, weed removal, litter collection and monitoring of the different flora and fauna both endemic and exotic.  Volunteering for the Friends of the Beach or similar programmes will bring a significant value to yourself, family, friends, community and visitors to the region. Volunteers  will help protect the Shires beautiful coastline, bushland and waterways and assist in the creating a sustainable environment for the many birds, animals and marine creatures which depend on our natural environment. 

  • Shared spaces Volunteer


    Residents of Livingstone Shire are passionate about the beautification of shared spaces including foreshore, park areas, nature strips, creeks and reserves.  The activities volunteers undertake have enhanced the amenity of the Shire, helped to control the spread of weeds and protected local biodiversity resulting in shared spaces being enjoyed by all.  These individuals and groups show an immense sense of pride in community and are quite often the social fabric of their neighborhoods.  As a volunteer in this programme you can expect to be an integral part of the beautification and environmental enhancements to the shared spaces that you live and work in on a daily basis.