Council Projects

Livingstone Shire Council manages a very diverse range of infrastructure assets with a value close to $1.0 billion. These assets cover categories such as land, buildings & facilities, plant & equipment, roads & drainage, bridge, water, sewerage, waste. Council is responsible for the construction, upgrade and renewal of these assets through its capital works program. We forecast our 2020-2021 spend on capital projects will be $41.5 million.

We implement projects that support the strategic direction of our Corporate Plan and Community Plan:Towards 2050. These aim to strengthen the regional economy, protect our environment and improve services and facilities for our residents, businesses and visitors.

Major projects planned for 2020-21 include:

  • $5.1 million towards the upgrade of Stanage Bay Road
  • $3.0 million on the installation of solar panels and battery storage at the Yeppoon Sewerage
    Treatment Plant Upgrade
  • $2.5 million to continue the upgrade of the Yeppoon Water Recycling System
  • $2.3 million to the upgrade of Greenlakes Road
  • $1.9 million on the construction of a resource recovery area at the Yeppoon Landfill
  • $1.6 million to construct new art galleries at Emu Park and extend the existing Mill Gallery in Yeppoon
  • $1.4 million on renewal of unsealed gravel roads
  • $1.2 million to complete the Taranganba State School bus set down area
  • $1.0 million on Stage 2 of the Adelaide Park Road Upgrade
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Ongoing projects

  • Livingstone Shire Council has received funding under the Queensland Governments QCoast2100 program to prepare a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS). We are one of 31 coastal Councils in Queensland currently participating in the program and are being assisted by consultancy team Ethos Urban and BMT.

    We are undertaking this project to better understand the risks posed by coastal hazards that affect our coastline today, as well as those that will affect it in the future. It is important for us to understand how coastal hazards could affect our community, environment, cultural values, and assets, so that we can be prepared and make informed decisions on what short and long-term actions should be taken to manage the risks.

    While the Livingstone Coast stretches for some 300 kilometres, Council’s primary focus is on:

    Approximately 80 kilometres of coastline from Fishing Creek at the northern end of Farnborough Beach to the Fitzroy River; and

    The islands that are adjacent to this coastline.

    For detailed information about this project, please click here.