Compliance Notices and Infringements

What is a Compliance Notice?

A Compliance Notice is an official documented warning. Council keeps a record of who receives Compliance Notices and why. You will know it's a Compliance Notice by looking at the top right hand corner, the notice will read either Animal Compliance Notice or General Compliance Notice. A Compliance Notice is not a fine and there is no money required to be paid. However, a fee amount is noted on the bottom of the Notice to make you aware of the infringement value if you don't comply with the notice requirements within the time frame.

I want to review my infringement (fine), how do I go about it?

You have 28 days from issue of the fine to review it. A Statutory Declaration for Review of Infringement Notice is required to be completed by the offender and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declaration. 

I've got a fine, how is the amount of money to be paid determined?

A penalty unit is used to calculate the amount payable when a fine is to be issued. In Queensland the value of a penalty unit is $143.75 For example, a person may be issued a fine for a wandering dog. The penalty for this on-the-spot fine is two penalty units ($287). The value is rounded down to the nearest whole dollar amount.

I can't afford to pay my fine immediately, can I pay in instalments?

If the Infringement Notice penalty is $200 or more you can enter into a Voluntary Instalment Agreement with the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER). A fee of $60 per infringement is required to be paid to Council on lodgement. This will be deducted from your fine amount. Council will lodge the instalment plan on your behalf, any further correspondence will come direct to you from SPER.

How long do I have to pay my fine?

If your payment is received in full within 28 days from the date the notice was issued, the infringement will be finalised and no further action will be taken.

Where the Infringement Notice penalty is $200 or more, you may, within 28 days from the date the notice was issued, appy to enter a Voluntary Instalment Agreement (VIP)

What is the process?

Council provides 28 days to pay your fine or enter into a VIP. After the 28 days a reminder notice will be sent out providing you another 28 days to pay or enter into a VIP. After the 56 day period has lapsed the fine will be referred to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) for recovery for the amount you owe plus additional fees.