Commercial/Business Waste

Please note that the disposal of commercial waste is strictly limited to the Yeppoon Landfill only, in accordance with State Government regulations regarding the weighing of commercial waste. Other waste facilities within Livingstone Shire are designated exclusively for residential customers. It's imperative to comply with these regulations when disposing of commercial waste.

For comprehensive details regarding the Queensland Government Waste Levy and its application to businesses, please refer to the Queensland Government website.

The Weighbridge Instructions for Commercial Operators is designed to assist drivers in navigating the dual weighbridge and payment system at Yeppoon Landfill.

When on-site, all commercial and business drivers must comply with Section 113 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 1994 as outline below.

Waste transporter to comply with directions and give information:

(1) This section applies to a person who transports and delivers waste to a waste facility.

(2) The person must—
(a) comply with all relevant and reasonable directions contained in any sign displayed at the facility by the facility’s owner or operator; and
(b) deal with the waste in accordance with reasonable instructions given by the person in charge of the facility; and
(c) if asked by the facility’s owner or operator—give information to the owner or operator about the type and amount of waste being delivered.

Please note that failure to comply may result in penalties of up to 10 penalty units.

To streamline your experience at the Landfill site, we encourage you to consider opening a Landfill account. You can do so by completing the Debtor Account Application for Landfill Disposal Account. This can help save you time during your visits to the Landfill.