Plans, Strategies & Reports

Community Plan

The whole-of-community planning project completed by Livingstone Shire Council, built on strong foundations of meaningful consultation and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders across the local community, has delivered the Livingstone Community Plan: Towards 2050.

The Livingstone Community Plan: Towards 2050 is a long-term strategic plan developed with the community and captures the themes, strategies, and goals prioritised by the community that will move the region towards its vision for 2050. A wide range of stakeholders from across the community have contributed to the development of this 30-year whole-of-community plan, and have enabled it to capture the shared vision and values of the Livingstone community. 

Livingstone Community Plan: Towards 2050

Corporate Plan

Livingstone Shire Council’s 10-year Corporate Plan is built organically from community and broad workforce engagement. 

Our Corporate Plan 2030, has been developed out of an internal engagement process where organisational leaders reviewed community goals and strategies and established priorities for Council for the next 10-years.  The plan provides commitment to progressing our community vision through priority projects, responsive services and accountable and transparent practices. 

Livingstone Corporate Plan

Annual Reports

In accordance with legislation, Council is required to prepare and adopt an annual report which provides a comprehensive report on Council’s activities and financial performance for the financial year. 

This year's Annual Report was adopted on the 17 November 2020 and can be viewed here

Annual Reports - Previous

Asset Management Plans

Council acknowledges that assets (particularly infrastructure assets) support its core business of delivering services to the Livingstone Shire community. Livingstone Shire Council is committed to ensuring that infrastructure and services are provided in a sustainable manner, with appropriate levels of service to residents and visitors and taking due regard of the environment. 

Livingstone Shire Council’s key strategic theme relating to assets is for reliable, durable, cost effective infrastructure and Council assets which meet the needs and aspirations of the communities of the Livingstone Shire. 

Therefore, Council is committed to the adoption of sound asset management practices and processes and strategies which will significantly contribute to the achievement this vision. 

Asset Management Plans - Fleet, Buildings, Water, Sewer & Roads

Budget & Operational Plan

The Budget and Operational Plan encompasses the Annual Budget, Annual Operational Plan, Long Term Financial Plan, Long Term Asset Management Plan, Revenue & Rating Strategy as well as other key planning documents for the Livingstone Shire Council.   

Each year, Council undertakes an important business planning process to determine the key services Livingstone Shire Council will deliver to its community during the financial year, and to ensure that it discharges its responsibilities in a way that is consistent with the Operational Plan. 

Budget and Operational Plan Documents

Invest Capricorn Coast Region Economic Development Plan

Livingstone Shire Council has developed the 'Invest Capricorn Coast Region Economic Development Plan' to provide direction for the future economic growth and development of the Capricorn Coast region through the creation of partnerships and alliances with government, business, investors and industry to build on existing and new investment opportunities. 

The Invest Capricorn Coast Region Business and Industry Mapping project builds on the Invest Capricorn Coast Region Economic Development Planwhich was adopted by the Livingstone Shire Council in April 2018. This project provides further detailed economic and industry data and identifies specific clusters and industry opportunities to target for investment attraction and business development.  

For further inquiries please contact the Economy and Places team on

Invest Capricornia Coast Business and Industry Mapping &  Invest Capricornia Coast Region Economic Development Plan 

Capricorn Coast Region Event Strategy

The purpose of this document is to position the Capricorn Coast as regional Queensland’s leading event destination for iconic event experiences that reflect the unique coastal village and simply stunning locations on the shores of the Southern Great Barrier Reef.  

Capricorn Coast Region Event Strategy

Capricorn Coast Smart Region Strategy

Livingstone Shire Council has developed the Capricorn Coast Smart Region Strategy to help achieve economic growth powered by digital innovation. This strategy aligns with emerging trends in digital technologies and innovation with an emphasis on leveraging opportunities for regional areas to benefit from the advantages of being proactive in this constantly evolving space. 

Capricorn Coast Smart Region Strategy

Active Livingstone Strategy

The Active Livingstone Strategy is a planning document that will guide the delivery of active recreation infrastructure throughout the Livingstone Shire. This evidence-based strategy considers local, state, national, and international trends in active recreation and responds to feedback from a range of local stakeholders, as well as consultation from the wider community. The Active Livingstone Strategy represents Livingstone Shire Council's commitment to delivering infrastructure that supports active, healthy lifestyles.  

Active Livingstone Strategy