Investment and Business

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The Economic Development team are focused on driving Economic Growth in Livingstone Shire. Economic Development in Livingstone Shire is multi-faceted, with the team working across industry development and engagement, improving liveability and wellbeing for our community, driving tourism, and building Livingstone Shire’s profile as a thriving regional centre.

Our team are experts at stakeholder engagement, working seamlessly across all levels of government and private industry. As the concierge for new and existing business across the region, we are here to make investing in Livingstone Shire a seamless process.

A diverse region, Livingstone Shire encompasses a versatile landscape. Located on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, our region is also home to lush rainforests, limestone outcrops and caves alongside lush productive farmland. It’s a region that requires a dedication to promoting a strong tourism economy together with growing industry to pave the way for our future, and Council’s Economic Development team are here to enable this growth.