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Livingstone Shire Council takes care in the presentation of its website and every effort is made to make the website as accessible as possible for the general public. However please note for best results when viewing this website the latest version of your Internet web browser is recommended. Some older versions may change or restrict your ability to view the website in its entirety.

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The information contained within this website is the property of Livingstone Shire Council. Information may be downloaded, displayed, printed and copied in an unaltered form only. It is not to be distributed or used for commercial purposes without the written permission of the Chief Executive Officer of Livingstone Shire Council. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, all other rights are reserved.


Any and all trademarks displayed on this site are subject to the legal rights of either the trademark owners or Livingstone Shire Council and the unauthorised use of any Trademark displayed on this site is strictly prohibited.

Privacy and Security 

The following information forms part of the Terms and Conditions of using Livingstone Shire Council’s websites and by accessing Council’s websites you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. 

Livingstone Shire Council is committed to protecting user privacy. We understand and appreciate that visitors and users of this website are concerned about their privacy and the confidentiality and security of any information that may be provided to Council.

For the purposes of this statement, personal information refers to any information that may enable the identification of an individual visitor to the website. Please refer to the Livingstone Shire Council Privacy Policy.

Council has created this privacy statement to demonstrate its commitment to protecting personal privacy. This privacy statement applies to all users who access this website.

For more information and to access a range of useful privacy protection resources, visit the Office of the Information Commissioner’s website.

Collection of personal information 

Visitors to our website are not required to disclose personal information. Livingstone Shire Council will only record your personal details in the event that you voluntarily and personally supply your information to us, for example by contacting us via email or submitting an online form on this website. 
When collecting this information, Council will:

  • tell you for what purpose we will be collecting the information
  • tell you what information is necessary to access Council's products and services, including payments and transactions
  • tell you when the information needs to be passed on to Council’s contractors and agents who carry out activities on Council’s behalf
  • not ask for or collect any sensitive information about you unless it is necessary to meet legal, public interest or statistical requirements
  • not pass the information on to other entities without your consent unless it is authorised by law or for public interest

Statistical Information

Information collected when you visit our website for statistical purposes of ensuring we provide the optimum online service to our customers is:

  • Your IP Address
  • Your operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Maz OS X)
  • Your browser type, including version (e.g. IE8 – 10, firefox 3.6)
  • The date and time of your visit
  • Pages accessed and files downloaded
  • Time spent on individual pages and the site overall

This information gathered is only to help is to continually improve your experience in visiting our site.  There is no way that any of this information can be used to identify individuals who visit our website.

Livingstone Shire Council will not make any attempt to use these statistics to identify individual users or their browsing activities. However, in the unlikely event of an investigation, a law enforcement agency or other government agency may exercise its legal authority to inspect our log files.

We may also record search terms that you enter when using this website's search engine. These search terms are used to gauge what information is commonly sought and to improve the services that we provide. This information is not associated with any other information that we collect.


A cookie is a small file stored by the web browser software on your computer. Cookies may be used when accessing certain areas of this website. The use of cookies allows information to be transmitted between pages within this website and the cookies used do not contain any personally identifiable information.  Most internet browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can customise your browser not to accept cookies without first notifying you.

Security of information

Your personal information is protected by law. These laws prohibit any person from accessing, using or disclosing any personal information except in the performance of their duties or in specific circumstances permitted by these laws. There are severe penalties for breaking these provisions. 

While we provide a secure and reliable system, this site does not provide facilities for the secure transmission of information across the Internet. Users should be aware that there are inherent risks associated with the transmission of information across the Internet, and that use of the contact facilities provided through this website is at the risk of the user.

External Websites

When accessing pages on our site, you may be directed to external websites to enhance your experience or provide additional information.  Control over the content of these sites is not Council’s and we advise you to view the relevant privacy and security statements for those sites.  Links from the Councils website does not automatically mean that council either endorses these sites or affiliates itself with any of its content.

Public Records

Email correspondence, blog comments and information provided via web forms can constitute public records and can be retained as required by the Public Records Act 2002 and other relevant legislation.


Accessibility Statement

The Livingstone Shire Council (LSC) website has been designed so that it can be accessed by everyone regardless of their technical abilities. The information and services provided on our website is user friendly for people with disabilities, which is required under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.  Additionally, people with low internet speeds, technical limitations and older browsers will be able to access our site. To improve visibility, you can use zoom on your browser, or increase the size of the fonts on the browser page.  Our website complies with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) which has specified guidelines for accessibility.

Disability and Languages

For people with a disability or English as there second language, LSC recommends the use of a third party screen reader or translation service. 

Adobe PDF

All pdf documents to be viewed on the site may require you to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.  This application can be downloaded for free from www.adobe.com.

Site Requirements 

Our website has been designed to provide access to a variety of technologies and browsers, some people may experience difficulties or technical issues depending on the browser or operating system which they are using.


If you are experiencing any difficulty with our website, or may have a suggestion or request please give us a call on 1300 790 919.

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