Endorsement of Survey Plans

If your development involves subdivision in the Livingstone Shire Local Government Area, Council must approve the survey plan. Council must endorse the survey plan once the development has complied with all the conditions of related permits prior to lodgement for registration at the Titles Office in accordance with Schedule 18 of the Planning Regulation 2017 sets out the requirements for requesting approval and the process for deciding the request. Link to Schedule 18 Planning Regulations 2017 https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/sl-2017-0078#sch.18

Lodging Plans of Subdivision (Survey Plan) under the Planning Act 2016

ALL survey plans are processed under the Planning Act 2016 (PA). Below is Council’s process for approving the survey plans.

For a copy of a registered Survey Plan, Title Document, or Title Search visit http://titlesqld.com.au


To help Council process your request effectively and efficiently, please make sure you:

  •      Engage a registered Surveyor to prepare the survey plan (and associated legal documentation);
  •      Provide evidence of compliance with all conditions of all relevant permits;
  •      All works required to be undertaken are completed and have passed final inspection;
  •     Check that all rates, operational works bonds and charges levied for the land, including infrastructure charges have been paid.

Application Requirements:

  1.  Request for Approval of Plan of Subdivision 
  2.  Supporting material; and
  3.  Application fee (endorsement of survey plan fee) 

Note: Council cannot accept a submission of survey plan without the application form and payment of lodgement fee. The lodgement fee will be confirmed and request by a fee payment letter upon completion of the properly made check on lodgment

Electronic lodgment of Survey Plans can be emailed to enquiries@livingstone.qld.gov.au, and submit the survey plan (and associated legal documentation) to Council for endorsement (or for hardcopy submissions, hand deliver to Council’s Office at 4 Lagoon Place, Yeppoon or post to Livingstone Shire Council PO Box 2292, Yeppoon 4703).

NB. Electronic lodgments must be accompanied by the relevant Titles form. More information can be found here.

Infrastructure Charges and Development Incentives Policy

Councils Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (NO.6) 2024 and Adopted Development Incentives Policy is available on Councils website.

If you require more information please contact Customer Service on1300 790 919 or email enquiries@livingstone.qld.gov.au