Building Certification

Building applications submitted to Council for certification are managed and assessed by Councils Building Certifiers with mandatory inspections conducted as conditioned in the building approval. The applications are assessed in accordance with the Building Act 1975 and relevant regulations and guidelines and within the timeframes set out in the statutory instrument called the Development Assessment Rules.

Building approval is required before construction can start on a new build or when altering existing structures.

In some instances, a Concurrence Application and or Development Application may also be required and any questions relating to Development Applications including relaxation of siting requirements should be directed to Councils Duty Planner.

Application Forms and Supporting Documents

An application may require some or all of the following forms and supporting documentation/information:

  • Completed DA Form 2 
  • Detailed site plan
  • Elevation plans
  • QBCC Home Warranty Insurance (if applicable)
  • PLSL Receipt
  • Owner Builders Permit (if applicable)
  • Form 15’s (Engineers specifications/drawings/design certificate)
  • Technical reports (energy efficiency etc)
  • Soil Test Report (ie; for new or relocated dwellings)
  • Payment of the application fee as per Councils Fees and Charges

You may be asked to provide further information during the information request period.

For more information on what supporting documentation is require in your application, please refer to our Submitting a Building Application Information Sheet.

Should you need further information regarding QBCC Home Warranty Insurance or Owner Building, please visit the QBCC website.

Where to submit your application

All applications should be lodged using Council’s Online Services centre this will provide you with an email confirmation notifying you of the application number. Payment of the applicable application fees are made at the same time. To lodge an application online you are required to be a Registered User.

Registration allows you to access secure online Council Services with a Username and valid email address. Your details will be checked against current Council name and address records and your registration will be linked where relevant. Your request for registration will be processed within two business days and you will be advised by email when you can sign in. Link to new user registration.

For further information on details required or for confirmation of fees, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 790 919.

Booking Inspections

Building inspections are a mandatory process and must be conducted in accordance with the conditions of approval. All inspections should be arranged by the owner and/or builder when the stages of work are ready for an inspection

To book an inspection for an approved building application, please contact Councils Support Services team on (07) 4939 9937 or alternatively, Customer Service on 1300 790 919. 

Please also note that inspections will not be booked if there are any fees outstanding.

Information Sheets

For more information on Development, Building and Plumbing please refer to Councils information sheets