Exempt Development & Exemption Certificates

Development in a residential zone may be exempt. For further information please contact our Duty Planner via Customer Request on our online service to determine if your relevant development in a residential zone does/does not require a development permit for a material change of use.

Exemption Certificates

Under section 46 of the Planning Act 2016, Council may provide, in limited circumstances, an exemption from a development application, if;

  1. the effects of the development would be minor or inconsequential, considering the circumstances under which the development was categorised as assessable development;
  2. the development was categorised as assessable development only because of particular circumstances that no longer apply;
  3. the development was categorised as assessable development because of an error.

It is recommended that contact made with the Duty Planner to discuss if an Exemption Certificate is applicable.
Log a customer enquiry with the Duty Planner online or call (07) 4913 5000 or 1300 790 919 to make an appointment.  

To lodge a request for Council to consider an exemption:

View the fact sheet on exemption certificates for more information