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The Reef Guardian Council program showcases environmentally sustainable practices undertaken by councils in the Great Barrier Reef catchment. The program recognises the effective management and protection of the Reef requires a coordinated effort from industries, communities and all levels of government. Livingstone Shire Council has been involved in Reef Guardian Councils since its inception in 2007. 

The current programme focuses on improving land management practices and water quality in the Great Barrier Reef catchment. It centres on what councils are already doing under five categories: climate change, coastal development, land-based run-off, direct use and reef heritage and social values. 

The Reef Guardian Councils programme benefits Councils and their communities in many ways, including: 

  • Strengthened local economies; 
  • Protection of lifestyles and incomes; 
  • Promotion of Council’s environmental efforts; 
    Exposure to new and innovative ideas from other communities; 
  • Improved environment and beautification of living space (e.g. better water, more trees); and 
  • Leverage for external endorsement, promotion, funding and/or marketing. 

You can review Council’s Reef Guardian Action Plan here, or see more about the Reef Guardian Council programme here. 

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