Livingstone Community Grants

The Livingstone Shire Council Community Grants Scheme provides funding to community groups and sporting clubs to deliver innovative projects and programmes that increase their capacity and resilience and respond to community needs.

Rounds provide up to $5000.00 for eligible not-for-profit community groups and sporting clubs. 

Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria and be operating within the boundary of Livingstone Shire Council's Local Government Area providing programmes or activities that benefit residents, and improve overall community well-being as well as align with the Livingstone Shire Community Plan. 

Applications for Round 2 of the Livingstone Shire Community Grants closed on 8 March 2024. 
Round 1 2024/25 will open for applications on 2 September 2024.

If you have any queries or require further advice, please email

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  • Successful Applicant Initiative Description Grant Amount
    Yeppoon Rugby League Football Club Inc. Construct disability access ramp from gate into grounds $4,852.00
    Marlborough and District Lions Club Inc. Purchase of generator and equipment for mobile refrigeration unit $4,550.00
    Yeppoon and District Show Society Inc. Purchase of defibrillator and kitchen equipment $4,648.30
    The Caves Progress and Agricultural Society Upgrade poultry cages and purchase gazebos, leaf blower, and air inflator $886.70
    Cap Coast Kart Club Inc. Fees for ecological report to enable development of track $5,000.00
    Wildlife Rehabilitation HQ Inc. Wheelchair accessible pathway $2,606.00
    Joskeleigh Community Association Inc. Fees for technical drawings to enable development of multi-purpose community building $5,000.00
    Jack's Paddock Inc. Purchase of arbour for cultivation and shade $1,438.80
    Capricorn Coast Toy Library Inc. Purchase of laptop and software $1,176.00
    Cawarral Cricket Club Inc. Purchase and application of topsoil on playing surface $4,770.00
    Paddle Capricornia Fees for trainers for Sea Kayaking Symposium 2024 $5,000.00
    Byfield and District Historical Society Inc. Purchase of defibrillators, training, and promotion $4,882.78
    Lions Club of Emu Park Inc. Upgrade of signage at entrances to Emu Park $4,821.20
  • Successful Applicant Initiative Description Grant Amount
    Yeppoon Meals on Wheels Solar panel installation $5,000.00
    Keppel Coast Arts Council Banners and branded table covers $1,338.15
    Capricorn Coast Netball Association Laptop with software $1,663.00
    The Scout Association of Australia Qld Branch Inc. – Yeppoon Scout Group Kayaking safety equipment $3,791.15
    Capricorn Coast Football Club Inc. Airconditioning for canteen kitchen $5,000.00
    Capricorn Coast Landcare Group Inc. Water quality testing equipment $1,331.00
    Sailability Capricornia Concrete pathway $4,200.00
    Capricorn Coast Outrigger Canoe Club Table, chairs and barbecue for club gatherings $3,158.90
    Yeppoon Hack & Pony Club Plumbing upgrades $4,960.00
    KeppelFM Community Radio 3 x Desktop computers $2,997.00
    Capricornia Blo Kart Club Inc. Shade marquees, tables and wagon, laptop equipment $4,530.34
    Yeppoon Surf Life Saving Club Inc. Shade marquees and frames $4,268.00
    Capricornia Catchments  Inc. UHF radio and Cel-Fi-Go Teltra repeator with antenna $2,332.00
    Broadmeadows Clay Target Club Perimeter Fencing $430.46
  • Organisation

    Initiative Description 


    Keppel Coast Athletics Club Inc.  Sprint track rejuvenation and coach education $4,812.00 
    Cockscomb Veterans Bush Retreat Inc.  Construction of concrete entrance driveway to retreat to create all weather, accessible entrance $5,000.00
    Yeppoon Junior Rugby League Football Club Inc.  Upgrade to club canteen point of sale system $1,696.00 
    Capricorn Coast Parkana Cricket Club Inc.  New synthetic netting for training facility $2,576.00
    Emu Park & District Men's Activity Shed Inc.  Installation of concrete slab on western end of existing shed $5,000.00
    Emu Park Historical Museum Society Inc.  Purchase fully automatic defibrillator. Purchase of self-propelled lawn mower and new wheelbarrow $3,655.73
    Emu Park Art Gallery Inc.  Install energy efficient roller blind to main workshop $1,060.00 
    Lions Club of Emu Park Inc.  Purchase of router and equipment to provide a free WIFI access point at the Emu Park Lions shack $1,931.50
    Yeppoon Choral Society Inc.  Upgrade existing sound equipment. Laptop computer and portable printer. Purchase of additional microphones and stands.  $3,617.76
    The Caves & District Lions Club Replacement of verandah flooring in Lions clubhouse $5,000.00 
    Yeppoon Recreation Youth Club Inc.  Purchase of new stove and fridge $3.698.00
    Yeppoon Little Theatre Group Inc. Replacement sound desk, speakers and microphones $5,000.00
    Yeppoon Tennis Club Inc. Purchase of two x three tier 15/20 person spectator stands $5,000.00
    Keppel Coast Country Music Club Inc. Installation of LED lights and weather proofing, power points in BBQ area. Purchase of defibrillator. Improved mobile reception for communications. $5,000.00
    Cawarral Cricket Club Inc. Supply and install floor coverings to clubhouse. $1,953.01 (partial)
  • Organisation

    Initiative Description 


    Australian South Sea Islanders Movement QLD Inc Electrical upgrades – lighting and power points $4,851.00 
    Ogmore Community and Recreation Committee Inc.  Install a water tank, pump and fans. Purchase tables, chairs and shelving $5,000.00
    North Keppel Island Environmental Education Centre P&C Association  Purchase and installation of Mobi-Mat (accessible beach matting) $4,715.00 
    RSL Emu Park  Upgrade of CCTV system $5,000.00
    Yeppoon Rotary  Purchase of new generator for food van $5,000.00
    Capricorn Coast Crocs Rugby Union Club Inc Purchase and installation of shade shelter $5,000.00
    Yeppoon Rugby League Club Inc Upgrade of ladies toilet including new flooring $5,000.00 
    Capricorn Coast Netball Association Purchase of Ipads for club administration, scheduling and scoring $4,390.00
    Emu Park Golf Club Inc Upgrade toilets to accessible standards $5,000.00 
    Yeppoon Golf Club Inc Purchase of grounds maintenance equipment $1,044.00 (partial)
  • Applicant 

    Initiative Description 


    Emu Park Swimming Club Inc Fence $4,290.00 
    Cawarral Cricket Club Inc Awning $5,000.00
    Yeppoon Jnr Rugby League Inc Cabinetry $3,500.00 (partial)
    Cawarral School of Arts Association Inc Stainless Steel Benches $5,000.00
    Yeppoon Men's Shed Electrical Equipment $2,596.00
    Yeppoon State Primary School P&C Association Thermomix for Tuckshop $2,734.00
    Keppel Coast Country Music Club Inc Chairs and Pole Saw $4,000.00 (partial)
    Yeppoon Swimming Club Inc  Marquees $3,197.00 (partial)
    Emu Park Historical Museum Society Inc Shade Sail $2,557.50 (partial)
    Bat Care Capricornia Inc.  Vaccines $1,845.00 (partial)
  • Applicant 

    Initiative Description 


    Sailability Capricornia  Purchase of shipping container. $3,932.50 
    Cycling Without Age  Purchase of an electric bicycle. $2,653.00
    Yeppoon AFL   Purchase of kitchen equipment. $5,000.00
    Yeppoon Senior Citizens  Purchase of a defibrillator, kitchen equipment and dartboard. $2356.75
    Cockscomb Veterans Retreat Concreting the access to the accommodation block. $4,950.00
    Cap Coast Netball Association Purchase and installation of shade at Barmaryee MultiSports Precinct $5,000.00
    Yeppoon Tennis  Upgrades to tennis courts to accommodate Pickleball. $5,000.00
    SeaQ Boardriders   Purchase of a defibrillator.  $2,753.00
    Emu Park QCWA  Technology upgrades to building. $5,000.00
    Cap Coast Runners  Purchase and installation of a hydration station for the Rail Trail. $4,850.00
    Lions Club Emu Park  Bell Park flora species identification project. $5,000.00
    Concreting of shaded areas at Webb Oval. Concreting of shaded areas at Webb Oval. $5,000.00
    Scouts Yeppoon   Purchase of marquee, BBQ and tables. $1,400.00
    Byfield and District Historical Society Installation of a truck access gate. $990.00
  • Applicant

    Initiative Description


    Emu Park Surf Live Saving Club Inc.

    Purchase of kitchen and canteen equipment.


    Emu Park Historical Society Inc.

    Purchase of archival materials, vacuum cleaner and hot water system.


    Yeppoon Little Theatre Inc.

    Purchase of tables, chair pads and shade sail.


    Lions Club of Yeppoon Inc.

    Purchase of generators for Lions Food van.


    Victory Tennis Club Inc.

    Purchase of a defibrillator.


    Capricorn Coast Mallet Sports Club Inc.

    Purchase of high-pressure cleaner, shed and shelving unit.


    Returned & Services League of Australia Queensland Branch Yeppoon Sub-branch Inc.

    Purchase of phone and computer equipment.


    Livingstone: Living Well (Suicide Prevention Leadership Group).

    Purchase of community education items (fridge magnets, information cards) gazebo and pull up banner.


    Emu Park & District Mens Activity Shed Inc.

    Purchase of materials to build storage bin shelving.


    Cawarral Cricket Club Inc.

    Purchase of tables and chairs.


    Keppel Sands Community Advancement League Inc.

    Purchase of lawn mower, computer monitor and signage for community hall.


    Yeppoon & District Lapidary Association Inc.

    Purchase of jewellery making equipment.




  • Round Two of the 2019/20 grants was combined with the remaining funds from the Mayor's Discretionary Fund and distributed to Livingstone Shire Rural Fire Services in response to the Cobraball-Bungundarra Fire in December 2019.

  • Applicant

    Initiative Description


    Mount Chalmers Community History Centre Inc.

    Purchase of seating and shade cover.


    Emu Park Historical Museum Society Inc.

    Purchase of computing equipment.


    Cawarral Cricket Club Inc.

    Extension and update of cricket pitch.


    Jack’s Paddock Inc.

    Installation of path and children’s play space.


    Keppel Coast Girl Guides

    Provision of lifesaving training, first aid training. Purchase of slacklining equipment and printer cover.


    Capricorn Coast Parkana Cricket Club Inc.

    Reparation of cricket training pitches.


    Coowonga State School P & C

    Purchase of BBQ and mobile food-safe workbench.


    Yeppoon Gymnastics & Movement Centre Inc.

    Purchase of high bar for men’s artistic gymnastics.


    Yeppoon Men's Shed

    Purchase of television, wall bracket, computer, printer and DVD player.


    Capricorn Coast Mallet Sports Club Inc.

    Purchase and installation of drinking water fountain.


    Yeppoon Surf Life Saving Club

    Purchase of double surf ski.


    Sacred Heart Primary School  P&F Committee

    Purchase of kiln.


    Playgroup Queensland - Keppel Kids Playgroup

    Purchase of equipment and toys.


    Cockscomb Veterans' Bush Retreat Inc.

    Purchase and installation of concrete footings to support donga accommodation.


    Yeppoon Sharks Swimming Club

    Purchase of freezer, BBQ, tables, chairs and trolley.


    Emu Park Art Gallery

    Purchase of three pottery wheels.


    Cawarral Primary P&C Association

    Purchase of table and chairs setting.


    Kooyalee girl guides campsite

    Purchase of junior and adult life jackets.




In March 2020 amendments were made to the Local Government Regulations 2012 changing how discretionary funds can be allocated, subsequently the Mayors Discretionary Fund is no longer available. Please see Council’s Community Assistance Programmes Policy for full details of available funding.