Community Engagement

Livingstone Shire Council places our community – those living and working in our diverse region – at the centre of everything we do. We want to ensure the community's ideas, feedback and opinions are heard to provide the building blocks for our Shire's future. 

Council’s approach to engagement is constantly evolving to balance the needs of our community alongside global challenges that have affected our region in recent times.

  • Council has leveraged the rise of digital technologies to launch Get Involved – an online engagement and information sharing platform. Get Involved provides an opportunity for the Livingstone community to have their say on everything from upcoming projects to funding proposals, budgets and community initiatives.

  • One of the challenges Council faced in 2020 was the disruption to Mayor and Councillor visits to localities around our Shire and at events due to COVID restrictions. As a solution, Livingstone Shire Council launched its online Resident Reach pages to enable council and the community to connect, share ideas and work together to improve each locality.

    This new digital resource allows residents to remain up to date with news in their locality, participate in conversations, contribute to surveys, share their ideas, and have a direct online dialog with the Mayor and Councillors alongside the Engagement & Events Team, and project teams where relevant.

    Livingstone Shire consists of 65 localities that have been arranged into 19 ‘cluster groups’ with a dedicated Resident Reach engagement page for each on the Get Involved platform. Find which cluster group you belong to here and start engaging with us!

  • Council aims to be an informed organisation and our Framework outlines our commitment to the community, our engagement goals and our blueprint for developing stronger partnerships with our customers and future stakeholders. 

    View the Engagement Framework Document to see Council's direction and policy on Community Engagement.

Get in touch with our Engagement team here:
07 4913 5000

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