Water & Sewerage Infrastructure

Water Supply & Sewerage Networks

Livingstone Shire Council maintains extensive water supply and sewerage networks in most urban areas but most rural areas remain unserviced as it is uneconomic and effective alternative solutions are preferred on large rural blocks – typically rainwater collection and tankage for water supply, and septic or an on-site treatment plant for sewage.  

Even in urban areas it is not possible to guarantee a particular level of service due to the widely varying topography, existing infrastructure constraints and various other factors particularly where the point of supply is remote from the residence (say where the water meter is many metres lower than the house pad). Therefore Council has adopted a desired Customer Service Standard which sets aspirational levels of service which will NOT be achievable at all connected properties for the reasons stated previously. 

Development and businesses may need to verify available flow and pressure in the existing water supply network to facilitate internal hydraulic requirements. Council can carry out hydrant flow and pressure testing for an associated fee as per Council's current fees and charges schedule. To book a hydrant pressure and flow test (one test per application), complete and submit a Water Main Pressure and Flow Test application form.

Water Treatment Plants 

Livingstone Shire Council maintains two water treatment plants located at Woodbury and Marlborough which source and treat water from storages to supply safe and secure water to residents living within the Livingstone Shire.

Water Storage

Livingstone Shire Council is responsible for management of the following water storage assets supplying water to the Capricorn Coast, Marlborough and Ogmore: 

  • Water Park Creek Weir is a small 1.3m high concrete weir located at Water Park Creek. The weir is the primary source of water for the Capricorn Coast from Yeppoon to Emu Park. Water is pumped from the weir to Kelly’s Offstream Storage which is adjacent to the Woodbury Water Treatment Plant which processes the Capricorn Coast water supplies.

    In 2010, the Capricorn Coast water supply was supplemented by a potable supply via the Rockhampton to Yeppoon Pipeline which alleviated some of the demands on the Water Park Creek supplies.

  • Kelly’s Offstream Storage is an earth embankment, 168m long and 18m high, with a storage capacity of 1,237mL. Water diverted from Water Park Creek is stored as a buffer to supply the Woodbury Water Treatment Plant which processes the Capricorn Coast water supplies.

    Study of Water Quality In Kelly's Offstream Storage

    Livingstone Shire Council in conjunction with Central Queensland University conducted a joint water quality study from December 2017 to August 2019 in Kelly’s Off Stream Storage and Water Park Creek.

    The findings of this study have now been published as an Academic Paper in the Australian Water Association (AWA) Water e-journal.

    This study has provided a deeper understanding of the physical and chemical processes in this section of the water supply system which will assist management in evaluating risk and the need for preventative actions.

    Water Quality Study

  • Montrose Creek Weir is a small 500mm high concrete weir located on a rock outcrop in Montrose Creek approximately 6km west of the Ogmore Township. The weir has a supply capacity of 12 megalitres and is the only water supply (non potable) for the Ogmore Township.  

  • As at 10 August 2022, there are 20 reservoirs located in the Shire that act as storage facilities for a number of water supply systems.

Water Sources

Livingstone Shire Council is responsible for the management of the following water sources supplying water to the Capricorn Coast, Marlborough and Ogmore:

  • The Capricorn Coast Water Supply system is a potable (drinking) water supply based on a conventional on-demand reticulation system. The system sources water from Water Park Creek and is supplemented by the Fitzroy River via the Rockhampton to Yeppoon Pipeline.

  • Water Park Creek is approximately 37 km north of Yeppoon. Raw water is pumped from Water Park Creek to Kelly’s Offstream Storage adjacent to the Water Treatment Plant at Woodbury (approximately 20km north of Yeppoon).  
    Treated water is then pumped to the reticulation system.

  • The Marlborough Water Supply Scheme is a potable water scheme where water is treated using a hybrid filtration-reverse osmosis treatment process prior to disinfection.  The system sources water from two shallow aquifer bores approximately 2.3km north of Marlborough.

  • The Caves Water Supply Scheme is a potable water scheme that receives water from the Rockhampton Water Supply Scheme and is supplied via a pumped/gravity distribution system. The water is fully conventional treated water from the Fitzroy River.

  • The Ogmore Water Supply System is a non-potable supply based periodic flow distribution system where residents each have a small receiving water tank on their property. 

  • The Fitzroy River above the Barrage in Rockhampton is the source of raw water that is treated at the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant and supplied to consumers of the Capricorn Coast via the Rockhampton to Yeppoon pipeline​.

    The Rockhampton to Yeppoon Pipeline supplements Water Park Creek to secure a reliable supply for the future growth of the coast population. The pipeline is 43km long and was constructed in 2010 at a cost of $50M. The $50M Rockhampton to Yeppoon Pipeline project was officially opened 24 July 2010. The successful completion of the pipeline project secures a reliable water supply for the residents of the Capricorn Coast. 

Sewerage Network

The Capricorn Coast is serviced by two sewerage schemes located at Yeppoon and Emu Park with a total of approximately 10,000 connections.

  • The Yeppoon sewerage system provides a sewerage service to the localities of Yeppoon, Pacific Heights, Meikleville Hill, Barlows Hill, Cooee Bay, Taranganba, Lammermoor Beach, Statue Bay, Mulambin Waters and Rosslyn Bay. 

  • The Emu Park sewerage system provides a sewerage service to the localities of Tanby Point, Emu Park, Zilzie and the Great Barrier Reef Resort. 

Service Area Maps

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