Living on the Coast

There are many ways residents and visitors can get involved in supporting and protecting Livingstone’s coast including learning more about our coast, getting involved in volunteer programmes, attending events and more.  

  • A Day at the Beach
    Coastal Vegetation and Sand Dunes
    Coastal Processes
    Coastal Hazards and Adaptation
    Pandanus Dieback

    What’s that smell?! Algae blooms on the coast can sometimes appear as a scum, foam or look like sawdust on the surface of the water.  As the algae settles on the beach and naturally breaks down it can produce an unpleasant odour – for more information view the Algae Blooms on the Coast Fact Sheet here. 

  • There are many volunteer opportunities available, both through Council and other not-for-profit groups. 


    Friends of the Beach volunteers carry out important activities such as re-vegetation, weed removal, litter collection and monitoring of the different flora and fauna both endemic and exotic.   

    Find more information on Council’s Volunteer Programs site here.


    Landcare is a grass-roots network of people Australia-wide, who are working towards sustainable natural resource management - managing soil, water, and vegetation so they are available for use now and into the future. Capricorn Coast Landcare projects are diverse. They involve on-ground revegetation of riparian and coastal ecosystems, as well as environmental education workshops and displays in the community.  

    Find more information about Capricorn Coast Landcare on their website or find them on Facebook. 


    The Capricorn Bunker Group and Shoalwater/Corio Bay coasts form the world’s primary breeding areas for Green and Loggerhead turtles, while two of the largest Flatback turtle rookeries are along the Capricorn Coast. In response, Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA) facilitate TeamTurtleCQ, professionally trained individuals living in the Curtis and Capricorn Coasts who protect marine turtle nests. 

    Visit the FBA website for more information.

  • There are a number of events across Livingstone Shire aimed at supporting our coasts and beaches. Keep an eye on the Tangaroa Blue website for local marine debris clean-up events ( The Capricorn Coast Landcare Group also host regular events ( 

    Council also holds several events and supports others each year, including the Sustainable Livingstone expo and support for National Tree Day events. Check Council’s events page ( keep an eye on our Facebook for more details.