The vision for the Biodiversity Strategy 2021-2027 was to create a living document that guides the Council’s future planning and project development, taking into consideration the conservation of natural assets and green corridors.

The strategy contains an action plan that recognises, protects, sustainably manages, and enhances the natural beauty of the shire’s biodiversity.

The Livingstone community has highlighted that the unique natural environment across the rural, urban, marine, and island landscapes, is a key value for why they love living here and want to see the natural beauty and diversity continue.

The biodiversity strategy and the video documentary recognise the special values of Livingstone Shire and the role of Traditional Custodians and the community in looking after the biodiversity, today and into the future.

To watch the documentary, Our Living Environment - Biodiversity is up to you and Me, click here.

For more information on Livingstone Shire Council's Bioversity Strategy, please click here.