Livingstone Shire Council recognises the positive impact social, cultural, and environmental initiatives deliver to communities across the Shire and is committed to providing worthwhile support and meaningful assistance through its various grant programs and activities. There is a wealth of evidence-based research that demonstrates how art and culture can create a strong sense of place, belonging and self-awareness.

Council’s Communications and Engagement Unit manages Council’s event sponsorship program and is proud to support both major and minor events in our region. Council’s sponsorship program is aimed at events across our region that benefit the community, bring tourism, support the ideals of Livingstone Shire Council and are unique to our region.

Types of Sponsorship

  • A dedicated in-kind allocation for organisers of events or activities that occur at Emu Park Cultural Hall or Yeppoon Town Hall or any park/reserve area in the Shire. In-kind value is calculated on the adopted community group hire rate.

    Please ensure you refer to the Guidelines before you start your application.

  • For events with 100 people or more in attendance. Activities that support individuals, organisations and collectives seeking smaller levels of funding for arts and culturally based public events that strengthen community pride by enhancing cultural and social benefit.

    Please ensure you refer to the Guidelines before you start your application.

  • For events with 2000 people or more in attendance. Activities that support organisations and collectives seeking medium levels of funding for arts and culturally based public events that strengthen community pride and have a demonstrated real or perceived local or regional economic benefit. Visitation target of 10% out-of-region visitors. 

    Please ensure you refer to the Guidelines before you start your application.

  • For events with 3500 or more people in attendance. A highly competitive program that supports the delivery of projects which provide shire wide benefits. The activities must be either well-established and existing (with a proven history of success) or new initiatives that have a detailed Event Management Plan detailing the predicted economic and social returns on investment. Visitation target of 15% out-of-region visitors.

    Please ensure you refer to the Guidelines before you start your application.

When can I apply?

Applications for Round 1 2024/25 (events hosted from 01 July to 31 December 2024) opened on Monday 19th February 2024 and closed at midnight on Tuesday 19th March 2024.  Please note that funds will not be distributed prior to 01 July 2024.  

Applications for Round 2 2024/25 (events hosted from 01 January to 30 June 2025) will open on Monday 19th August 2024 and close at midnight on Friday 20th September 2024.  

How do I apply?

Applications must be submitted online via SmartyGrants.

Guidelines for the Livingstone Community Events Program

Applicants are encouraged to read through the Guidelines which provides essential information on the program, eligibility and assessment criteria.

Program Overview

  • The event must take place within the Livingstone region or show significant value to the Livingstone Shire community. 

    Applicants must:

    • be a registered business and/or not-for-profit organisation;
    • meet Council’s Temporary Event and/or hall booking Application processes;
    • have an Australian Business Number (ABN);
    • have no outstanding acquittals or debts with Council;
    • be a member of Plastic Free CQ
    • have appropriate workplace health and safety policies in accordance with the funding agreement; and
    • ensure all staff and volunteers have a current Working with Children and Young People Card, where applicable.
  • The objectives of the Livingstone Community Events Sponsorship Program are to support events that promote and celebrate the things we love about our community.

    This includes:

    • Events that are conducted within Livingstone Shire, benefits residents and improves the overall liveability of the Shire.
    • Events that will not be conducted within the boundaries of Livingstone Shire but will benefit members of the Livingstone Shire community (e.g., not only to the benefit of an individual)
    • Please note with events held outside the boundaries of Livingstone Shire, while there may be a benefit to members of the Livingstone Shire community, preference is given to events that are delivered within the boundaries of Livingstone Shire.

    Council will fund events that align with the goals, strategic focus and actions outlined in the Capricorn Coast Region Event Strategy.

    • Applications that are requesting more than 80% of the total event costs.
    • Costs associated with the usual business of an organisation – for example salaries, insurance, electricity, rates, telephone, rent. (Public liability insurance costs specific to the event are eligible).
    • Initiatives that are the focus on other Council grants (e.g. arts projects).
    • Events that are for the exclusive benefit of customers, members or students of an organisation or school (Except when supporting milestone anniversaries or rare celebration occasions in a school environment. Noting that the application would need to provide information regarding the event being outside of the norm and create opportunities for greater solidarity, engagement, and pride in the community).
    • Prize money, prizes (trophies, medals, purchase of gift cards or participant/place ribbons) or bidding on auction items.
    • Donations and awards for commercial or business activities.
    • Applications for equipment (non-consumables, assets) that is purchased to be used during the event but can continue to be used after the completion of the event.
    • Applications for events that are deemed to be unsustainable due to lack of community interest, planning, resources, partnerships etc.
    • Events that have occurred before the application outcome is advised.
    • Events that are exclusively religious in nature and promote religious activities (e.g. religious conferences, camps or sermons).
    • The purchase of alcohol and tobacco products and non-sustainable items.
    • Applications for events associated with:
      • Organisations involved in activities detrimental to our community or environment;
      • Any political activity;
      • Organisations in conflict with Council and its brand positioning and values;
      • Illegal activity;
      • Adult products and services;
      • Cigarettes/tobacco (as directed by Commonwealth Government legislation);
      • Gambling products and services;
      • Unmitigated risk to animal welfare, or where there are no animal welfare guidelines;
      • Any activities or issues likely to have a conflict or interest or may bring Council into disrepute.
    • Council may choose to exclude additional items if deemed appropriate under the delegation of management.

Application Process

1. Submit Your Application
  • Fill out and submit your application online using the SmartyGrants portal
2. Application Assessment
  • Your application will first be checked for eligibility.
  • If eligible, your application will be reviewed by the Assessors  
  • Please note outcomes make take up to 6 weeks after application closing date
3. Outcome Advised
  • All application outcomes will be notified in writing
  • If successful, you’ll be sent a funding agreement
4. Event Delivery
  • Events receiving Sponsorship Funding are required to acknowledge Council in the promotion of, and at the event in accordance with your Funding Agreement
  • Any significant changes to the event, (e.g. date change, venue change, any change to the event purpose), need to be submitted as a variation to your funding agreement and sent to Council for approval
  • Should a recipient withdraw their application, misuse funding, fail to comply with the funding conditions, or if the event does not take place, Council is authorised to terminate the agreement and the recipient is required to return the funds
5. Event Acquittal Report
  • All grant recipients are required to complete an Online Acquittal Report via the SmartyGrants portal. To ensure this is successful you must:
  • Keep copies of receipts for all event expenses related to your grant funding to attach to your Acquittal Report
  • Complete the Acquittal Report within 8 weeks of event completion
  • Any unspent funds will need to be returned to Council



If you require assistance with your application or further information about the Livingstone Community Events Sponsorship Program, please contact the Communications and Engagement Team on 1300 790 919 or email engagementandevents@livingstone.qld.gov.au