Business and Investment Attraction

We welcome new investment, new business and new residents – we are growing and want to grow further in order to become your smart business, investment and lifestyle choice. Once a quintessential beach town, now a premier coastal destination; the Capricorn Coast is a dynamic, growing region offering an enviable lifestyle and abundant opportunities for both business and community.

As one of the faster-growing areas outside South East Queensland, the Capricorn Coast offers unrivalled investment and commercial opportunities, as well as premier lifestyle options. Importantly, our region is well positioned with the critical infrastructure required to service a diverse and growing economy.

  • Advanced manufacturing

    With over $6 billion dollars in major construction projects being delivered over the next 5 years and exponential growth in the resources sector, now is the time to invest in advanced manufacturing technologies, products, systems and services. 

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  • Agriculture and food technologies
    Agriculture is a longstanding strength of the Capricorn Coast. Capricorn Coast is the only location in Australia with the ability to grow pineapples year-round and is well-known for its production of Pure Gold Pineapples. Pure Gold Pineapples are developed from the Hawaiian Gold and come in a variety of sizes known as the "Pure Gold Family" to ensure availability all year round. 

    Cattle production is the most valuable agricultural activity in the region, comprising approximately 70% of all agricultural production by value. Central Queensland University is one of the only four Australian Universities to achieve the Commonwealth's highest possible research ranking in Agricultural and Vet Sciences, and to achieve top ranking in Agriculture and Farm management. Livingstone Shire Council works closely with Central Queensland University to identify partnerships for training and research opportunities for local producers. 

    By 2050, food supply is predicted to increase 60% to meet global demands, with 85% of this production increase expected to be driven by increased yields and cropping intensity, highlighting the critical role of agricultural technologies to level with demand. Securing Capricorn Coast to become a premier supply and service centre for a broad range of agricultural product and produce.

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  • Care and support services


    Given the strong family demographics and sizeable proportion of pre-schoolers (5.6% of the total population), the Capricorn Coast region provides considerable opportunities for the provision of childcare. In addition to the demand, the local quality of life is another advantage of the region, as many childcare facilities are family owned and operated. There are currently 682 approved day-care places across the Capricorn Coast region, however considerable demand of almost 1,600 spaces is necessary to meet the future growth.

    Ageing in Place and Retirement Living

    In 2016, the retired population comprised 24.6% of the Livingstone Shire population, higher than Queensland at 20.8%. With considerable growth (45%) anticipated in this cohort over the next decade, Capricorn Coast is the ideal place to invest in future ageing in place facilities, in particular resort style living facilities with storage for RV's and caravans. The quality lifestyle, coastal location and village appeal of the Capricorn Coast already attracts retirees. The region also offers an affordable alternative to other locations around Queensland, as new house and land median sales prices are greater than 15% below the state average. A variety of sites have been identified and zoned appropriately for retirement villages and/or aged care facilities. 

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  • Construction

    Construction a top performing sector, aided by the delivery of major local projects equating to a staggering $6 billion plus, with the majority planned for delivery within the next 5 years. 

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  • Defence and military training

    Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area encompasses close to 30% of the Capricorn Coast Region and is recognised as one of the best training facilities in the world. The training area is the only area in Australia where the army, air force and navy are able to engage in joint military exercises. The Australian Defence Force and other allies such as Singapore Armed Forces and United States Military conduct regular training exercises at this location each year. Defence force exercises at Shoalwater Bay inject greater than $10 million into the regional economy each year. Major expansion of the facilities and increased military training exercises are planned for the training area. 

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  • Mining

    Central Queensland is leading the state and nation in exploration and new mining capital expenditure, presenting significant investment opportunities for resource sector and mining service companies who have strategically located to the Capricorn Coast. The region is rich in natural resources and attracts sustainable mining and best practice investors to the sector. Currently 35 mineral and 6 coal exploration permits have been granted with 2 additional mineral permits under consideration, bringing the total exploration interest in the region to 43 permits. There have been significant increases in global coal prices and more profitable conditions over the last few years. Mining support services are a bedrock of the Capricorn Coast economy. Innovative and niche mining service companies located in the region have experienced sustained growth and an increase in participation with major projects, including the projects in the Bowen, Galilee and Surat Basin.

    Capricorn Coast is the perfect home for many mining employees and their families. With it’s close proximity to the Bowen Basin and the flexible lifestyle shifts available for employees, it is the perfect location to invest.

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  • Renewable energy

    Renewable energy technologies are rapidly transforming the energy industry in the Capricorn Coast. With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, the region is extremely well positioned to take advantage of the growing solar power revolution at a broad-scale level, to reduce local energy costs and environmental impacts, and create new local jobs. By focusing on high quality urban design, adoption of renewables, a greener region and smart use of resources including water sensitive design and recycling/re-use of waste we can create more regional opportunities for new industries, economically sustainable businesses or otherinnovation opportunities.

    Council is committed to tackling climate change, joining the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership program in 2018. Council works with the Mackay Materials Recovery Facility, which plays a vital role in minimising our environmental footprint, ensuring that recyclable materials are not sent to landfill, but are processed and reused.

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