Water Connections

New Water Connections

Council will install a metered connection to properties within the water supply areas as follows.

St​andard Connections (20mm dial)

​Installation of a 20mm water meter and meter box connected to existing water service infrastructure.

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Non-Standard Connection

A private works application must be submitted to obtain a quote for Council to undertake any of the following non-standard connections:

  1. Provide a connection when there is no existing water service infrastructure for the property;
  2. Provide a connection greater than 20mm;
  3. Provide additional connections to water infrastructure for duplexes;
  4. Relocate, raise or lower a water meter; and
  5. Other miscellaneous work as approved

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For property owners the first quotation relating to that property in any one financial year is provided free of charge.  Subsequent quotations are provided upon payment of the applicable fee as per Council's Fees and Charges.  Non owners must pay the applicable fee for each application, including the first request.


Sub-metering refers to a water meter and related equipment (including automatic meter reader) within a premises group that measures the supply of water to a meterable premises.

Meterable Premises

Meterable premises constructed in a water service area after 1 January 2008 are required to identify water usage of individual tenancies or owners. This is achieved through the installation of sub-meters in accordance with the Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code pt 4 and Council's Sub-Metering Procedure. 

For the purpose of sub-metering, meterable premises are those where individual tenancies or owner's water use must be metered and include:

  1. Each lot within a community title scheme, including the common property, in a water service provider's area
  2. The sole-occupancy unit of a class 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 building in a water service providers area; and
  3. Each storey of a class 5 building in a water service provider's area where the building consists of more than one storey & sole-occupancy units are not identified at the time of the building's compliance assessment.

Sub-meter Certification

Plumbing approval must be obtained for the installation of sub-meters.  If sub-metering is for new construction, an Application for Sub-meter Certification must be submitted with the appropriate fee. Lodge your Sub-meter Certification Application via Council's Online Services.  If sub-metering is for existing construction, your plumber is required to submit a Form 4 – Notifiable Work to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission upon completion of works.

Council will conduct a sub-meter certification inspection following approval of the final plumbing inspection by Council if new construction, or advice from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission if existing construction. During the inspection, Council will record the meter reading on each sub-meter and verify that:

  1. The sub-meters are accessible for reading and maintenance;
  2. The serial number on each sub-meter matches the serial number shown on the As Constructed Plans;
  3. Each sub-meter is correctly installed and only measuring flow to the meterable premises being tested. Verification will be done by physical testing; and
  4. Tagging details such as meter numbers and the identification of the meterable premises is accurate.