Waste Collection and Management

Livingstone Shire Council may provide waste and recycling collection services within the Designated Waste Collection Areas in accordance with the Waste Management Schedule. Collection services are performed under contract by JJ Richards with General Waste Bins collected weekly and Recycling Bins collected each fortnight. 

Click here and follow the prompts to find your property’s scheduled collection day.

If your collection day falls on a Public Holiday, servicing of your wheelie bin/s takes place as per normal.

Kerbside Collections occur between 6.00am and 6.00pm on allocated days. Collection times may change without notice, so it is important to have your bin/s out for collection before 6.00am.

For more information on Livingstone Shire’s disposable waste options, refer to the Livingstone Waste Wise App.

    • Present bins at the Collection Location* before 6.00am on the day of scheduled collection and return it inside your property boundary within 24 hours after the scheduled collection day; 
    • Ensure the lid opening is facing the road;
    • Place your bins 1m apart if there is more than one;
    • Position your bins clear of any obstructions such as cars, power poles and trees;
    • Do not leave any materials next to your bins;

    Collections on One Way Street
    Occupiers living on the right hand side of a one way street (following the lawful direction of travel) must place their bins on the opposite side of the road for collection. Due to safety and traffic regulations, waste and recycling collection trucks can only collect from the left hand side of the street. 

    Collection Location*  means a place at, or adjacent to, premises at which a standard general waste or recycling bin can be easily accessed by a general waste collection vehicle without causing obstruction. 

    A bin will not be collected if it;

    • is overfull and the lid does not fully close;
    • is not a Council supplied bin;
    • is not correctly positioned in a way that facilitates collection;
    • exceeds a total of 85kgs;
    • is a recycling bin and is contaminated with non-recyclable waste.

    If a bin is not collected, the resident will be informed of the reason why and it will be emptied in the next collection, providing the problem has been rectified. 

    Large domestic items, commercial, industrial and hazardous waste should NOT be placed in domestic bins. 

    Bin placement and filling is addressed in Council's Waste and Recycling Collection Procedure.

  • Missed Collections

    If Council is notified that a bin has not been emptied on the scheduled collection day, Council will make every effort to arrange a missed collection as soon as possible.

    If a missed collection is required because an occupier has not placed their bin out for collection by 6:00am on their service day or placed it incorrectly as per Council’s Waste and Recycling Collection Procedure, the occupier must pay a Missed Collection fee before the missed collection will be provided.

    Additional Collections

    Upon request from an owner, additional waste and/or recycling bins can be provided to properties already receiving a collection service.

    The provision of additional collections will result in the levying of Additional Collection charges in accordance with Council's Revenue Statement.

    Lodge your missed collection or additional collections requests through our Online Service Centre.

  • Residents are to keep their bin/s clean and securely covered. If a bin is stolen, removed, damaged or vandalised, Council will repair or replace it.

    The owner or occupier must pay a Replacement Fee if their bin/s needs to be replaced because of deliberate misuse.

    Lodge your repair or replacement request using our Online Service Centre.

  • Council provides an assisted service for occupiers who, through a medical condition or disability, are unable to place their wheelie bin at the collection location*.

    This service is only available if there is no able bodied person residing at the premises.

    This service includes retrieval and return of wheelie bins from within your property boundary, not exceeding a distance of 50 metres from the collection location*.

    If an occupier requires an assisted service they are required to lodge:

    • a completed Assisted Service Request - Waste and Recycling Collection application form; and
    • a current medical certificate/letter from a medical professional stating that the occupier is unable to place their wheelie bin at the collection location* for emptying.

    An updated medical certificate/letter must be provided every two years for occupiers requiring an ongoing service.

    If approved, the assisted service will commence within 10 working days of approval.

    Collection location - means a place at, or adjacent to, premises at which a standard general waste container associated with the premises can be easily accessed by a general waste collection vehicle without causing obstruction.

    Assisted Service Request - Waste and Recycling Collection

  • A minimum of 10 working days notice must be provided to cancel collections.
    Collections will only be cancelled if:

    • the premises are determined to be uninhabitable by the Manager Water & Waste Operations;
    • the structure that had the potential to generate waste has been demolished;
    • the land is unoccupied; or
    • the owner demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Manager Water & Waste Operations that collections are no longer required.

    Collection charges will cease from the date the bin is removed.

    If a structure is demolished the owner will be refunded charges paid to Council from the date the collection ceased or back to the effective date of the current rates notice (whichever is more recent).

    Commercial Premises

    If requested in writing by the owner, collections may be cancelled subject to a minimum of 10 working days' notice and proof that a licensed waste removal entity has been engaged for collection services.

    If collections are recommenced the Waste Collection charge and/or the Recycling Collection charge will be levied.

    Lodge your cancellation request using our Online Service Centre.

  • Your rate payments do not include the costs of excess waste disposal at Waste Facilities. This service is funded by “user pays” disposal charges at Waste Facilities so as not to impact property owner’s rate payments.

    If you are able to separate and recycle most of your waste and/or reduce the amount of waste you generate, you will pay less.

    For example:

    • Disposal of separated recyclables such as cardboard, mixed household recyclables, metal, vehicle batteries, waste oil, e-waste are free of charge at Waste Facilities.
    • Green waste and timber waste have a lower disposal rate so separated loads of green waste and timber waste are cheaper than the mixed general waste loads.

    Disposal charges were introduced to:

    • Encourage greater diversion of self-hauled waste from Landfill and support initiatives that reuse, reduce and recycle;
    • Delay the $6-$8million building cost for a new Landfill cell;
    • Reduce rates;
    • Provide transparent, equitable and fair distribution of costs.

    The benefits:

    • Decrease in user numbers and general waste loads delivered to Waste Facilities;
    • Significant increase in loads of separated recyclables delivered to Waste Facilities;
    • Less waste to Landfill.
  • All Designated Waste Area Maps can be viewed here