Fig Tree Galleries

Figtree Galleries

The gallery and workshop space will be continuously active with exhibitions, programs and events happening throughout the rest of the year. The public will be provided with a variety of inspirational and creative exhibitions, programs and workshops and we look forward to welcoming locals and visitors to the site. 

To find out more about what other known events and activities are planned visit our Events Calendar

For more information on The Fig Tree Galleries and hiring of the spaces please contact of friendly Engagements and Events Team via email or call 49 135 000.

Suitable for small solo exhibitions, emerging artists and small group shows. 
Expressions of interest are now open for Exhibitions in 2022 in the new gallery space.

Activity Rate
Fig Tree Gallery Full Site $125.00 per day
Set up and Pack up days $ 62.50 per day
Hourly rate (minimum 2 hours) $ 20.00 per day
More than 5 continuous days $ 25.00 per day
Set up and Pack up days $ 12.50 per day
Security Bond $750.00 per hire


Terms and Conditions

Suitable for workshops of up to 15 people. Workshop comes with access to;

  • Kitchenette and tea/coffee making facility
  • 8 rectangle tables, 16 chairs and 6 stools

Work shop is fully air conditioned and has male/female and disabled amenities. 

Activity Rate
Workshop Fullsite $50.00 per day
Hourly rate (minimum 2 hours) $10.00 per hour
More than 5 continuous days $10.00 per day
Security Bond (negotiable depending on hire duration) $750.00 per hire


Conditions of Hire