Council resolves to initiate cloth nappies and reusable sanitary products rebate


In an effort to continue its commitment to long-term sustainability and protecting the environment, Council has resolved to support a trial rebate scheme for reusable nappies and sanitary products. 

Council voted to establish a nappy cashback scheme, effectively in the form of a competition or lucky draw, similar to the Sustainable Nappy Cashback currently offered by Brisbane City Council.  

Portfolio holder for Water, Waste Management and the Environment, Councillor Andrea Friend, said this would involve residents entering into a monthly draw over nine months to win back their investment or part of it, in reusable nappies and sanitary products.

“In response to previous correspondence from a local resident and initial discussions with Councillors, several options for a rebate scheme for reusable nappies and sanitary products were identified, as well as the types of products that would be eligible for rebates,” Cr Friend said.

“This initiative aligns with Council’s objectives to create awareness and education around reuse and recycling of resources, as well as providing incentives for the community to invest in reuse, recycling, energy, and water saving practices.

“From an environmental sustainability perspective, disposable nappies contain a number of hazardous chemicals which could pose a risk to the environment, as well as their negative impacts on the Shire’s landfill.    

“This initial scheme is a great opportunity to encourage more sustainable behaviour within the Livingstone community. It could also foster interest in future sustainability initiatives and growth towards a more circular economy,” Cr Friend said. 

The rebate scheme is also compatible with current governance mechanisms such as the Queensland Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy, Livingstone Community Plan: Towards 2050, and the Sustainable Livingstone programme.  

Council will inform the community of further details about the rebate scheme and how residents can get involved in the near future.   

The products which are eligible for a rebate include:
Reusable sanitary pads;  
Reusable sanitary cups;  
Leak proof underwear;  
Wet bags for reusable sanitary items;
Cloth nappies;  
Reusable swim nappies;  
Reusable inner liners for nappies; 
Reusable baby wipes;  
Wet bags for reusable nappies; 
and reusable nursing breast pads.