Licences and Permits

Use of Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads

A licence is required for commercial use of Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads.

If you are wanting to run a business out of a vehicle, for example a seafood trailer or ice cream van and you will be operating in a Council controlled area such as a park, car park, on a road or beach a Mobile or Static Roadside Vending permit will be required.

Council has also introduced new guidelines regarding the use of Council controlled areas such as footpaths. This will ensure the safe and consistent use of footpath areas throughout the Shire. If someone wishes to use a footpath area to display "A" frame signs, store goods or utilise the area for dining for example, they will require a permit. Please see Commercial Use of Footpath Guideline for further information.

If you require a licence for any of the above uses of Council controlled areas please complete the Application for Use of Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads. If the licence you require is for the use of a footpath the Footpath site plan template is available to assist you with your site plan.

Busking and Street Stall Permit

The Busking and Street Stall Permit is required if you are busking, street performing, have a charity street stall or a private street stall on Council Land

Please see Busking and Street Performance Fact Sheet for further information. Please call Customer Service on 4913 5000 to check availability and submit the Busking or Charity Street Stall Application to gain a permit. 

Temporary Home Permit

A Temporary Home  Permit (TEMPH) is required when constructing, installing, positioning or placing a structure on a premise intended to be a temporary place of residence. 

Vehicle Permits/Parking Permit

A Vehicle Permits/Parking Permit (VEH) is required to temporarily reserve parking spaces or car parks for a work zone, residents or a Community Service Organisation.