Australia Day Awards

Australia Day Awards

Nominations open 1 September 2020 - 1 December 2020

Livingstone Shire Council's annual Australia Day Awards program is held to acknowledge the valuable contributions made by local citizens and groups to our community. 

You are invited to be 'great and nominate' a friend, family member, community leader or a colleague - the unsung heroes who you believe make Livingstone Shire a great place to live. Now is the time to recognise and celebrate all the hard working and inspirational individuals, organisations and groups in your community! 

2021 Award Categories - please click on the links to apply!

  • When you fill out the nomination form, there are a few things you should consider to ensure your nomination provides us with enough information about the achievements of the person you are nominating. The nominations that stand out aren't always those that are the best written or have a long list of referees; the stand-out nominations are those that tell a story and capture the characteristics of an outstanding citizen or group making a difference to our community. 

    Here are some tips for writing a stand-out nomination;

    • Aim for quality, not quantity - a long nomination isn't always a better nomination. Keep your sentences short and concise, avoiding repetition. 
    • Consider your audience - the committee is made up of everyday community members from all walks of life who may not be familiar with the nominee's field of expertise, so avoid using jargon and acronyms.
    • Share the nominee's story - strenghten your nomination by painting a picture of the nominee ie. What motivates them? What personal challenges have they overcome? Why do they inspire others?
    • Tell the facts - support your nomination with facts and statistics such as measures of success. 
    • Provide examples - don't just make a statement, demonstrate it with examples.

    You can also view an example of a Top Nomination for an Australia Day Award here for a little inspiration!

Honour Roll

  • Citizen of the Year Susan Pullar
    Young Citizen of the Year Jack Newton
    Living Legend Award Elizabeth Goodsell
    Community Group Award Lions Club of Emu Park 
  • Citizen of the Year Brian Dorey OAM
    Young Citizen of the Year Yasmin Craggs
    Community Group Service Award Yeppoon Surf Lifesaving Club
    Senior Sportsperson of the Year Bill Robertson
    Junior Sportsperson of the Year Shirin Kunkel
    Administrator of the Year Gurney Clamp
    Cultural Award Barbara Tamassy
    Environmental Award  Dr Alison Jones
  • Citizen of the Year Danielle McKenzie
    Young Citizen of the Year Mya McDonald
    Community Group Service Award Capricorn Coast Healthy Aging Group
    Community Event Yeppoon Lions Pinefest
    Sportsperson of the Year Brent Pearson
    Junior Sportsperson of the Year Aidan Scott
    Sports Administrator Mark Gwynne
    Cultural Award (Individual) Jet James
    Cultural Award (Group) Capricorn Coast Historical Society Inc. 
    Environmental Award (Individual) Glennard Keefer
  • Citizen of the Year Peter Conaghan
    Young Citizen of the Year Caitlin Buttenshaw
    Community Group Service Award Keppel Bay Sailing Club
    Community Event Beach Day Out
    Sportsperson of the Year Steve Gunther
    Junior Sportsperson of the Year Mackenzie Rolfe
    Sports Administrator Peter Watkins
    Cultural Award (Individual) Lyn Diefenbach
    Cultural Award (Group) No Nominations Received
    Environmental Award (Individual) Morgan Ells & Mikala Maloney
    Environmental Award (Group) Friends of Lammermoor Native Gardens Group
  • Citizen of the Year Glen Alexander
    Young Citizen of the Year Sarah Callinan
    Community Group Service Award The Caves Craft Group
    Community Event No Nominations Received
    Sportsperson of the Year Lewis Marshall
    Junior Sportsperson of the Year Blake Newton
    Sports Administrator Paul Keating
    Cultural Award (Individual) Tayla Jayne St James
    Cultural Award (Group) No Nominations Received
    Environmental Award (Individual) Shelly McArdle
    Environmental Award (Group) No Nominations Received
  • Citizen of the Year Arthur Hunt
    Young Citizen of the Year Gracie Wellspring
    Community Service Award (Individual) Marie Lee
    Community Service Award (Group) The Caves & District Lions Club Inc.
    Community Event Yeppoon Lions Tropical Pinefest
    Sportsperson of the Year Brent Pearson
    Junior Sportsperson of the Year Seamus Byrt
    Sports Administrator Carole Gifford
    Cultural Award Kenneth Powell Jones
    Junior Cultural Award No Nominations Received
    Environmental Award (Group) Livingstone Community Nursery
    Environmental Award (Individual) Leise Childs
  • Citizen of the Year Jan Boyd
    Young Citizen of the Year Reece Hedges
    Community Service Award Barry & Bev Hannam
    Community Event Yeppoon & District Show Society Inc
    Sportsperson of the Year Beverley Laundry & Kira-Lee Leo
    Junior Sportsperson of the Year Caleb Dooley
    Sports Administrator Margie Grant
    Cultural Award Terry Hayes
    Junior Cultural Award Emily Bartlett
    Environmental Award Ginny Gerlach