Administrative Action & Complaints

Council is committed to providing a high level of service for all clients and takes all complaints about our decisions and actions seriously.  

Customer service request

Administrative action complaints do not include customer service requests or reports of damaged or faulty infrastructure.  If you have concerns in relation to barking dogs, potholes or hazards, overgrown allotments, road maintenance/grading or fallen branches completing a customer service request will assist to have the matter resolved quickly.

Customer service requests can be lodged online, in person, by phone or in writing. Further information is available on our customer service page.

Administrative action complaint

If you have already tried to resolve a matter and are still dissatisfied, you can lodge an administrative action complaint. An administrative action complaint is a request for review of an administrative action made by Council based on an expression of dissatisfaction by an affected person.

Administrative action complaints do not include:

  • Customer requests;
  • Reports of damage or faulty infrastructure;
  • A follow up or further request for service that has not been completed by Council but is still within the timeframes advised to the customer;
  • Petitions to Council about a particular matter;
  • Comments or submissions received during formal consultation or community engagement; or
  • Complaints about Councillor conduct.

Council has established a Policy and Procedure in relation to dealing with and resolving administrative action complaints.

Lodging a complaint

The following are acceptable ways that you can lodge an administrative action complaint:


Please lodge your complaint by using the Administrative Action Complaint Form.

In writing

Mailed to the Chief Executive Officer, or via Council’s enquiries email address:

Mailing address:

 The Chief Executive Officer
 Livingstone Shire Council
 PO Box 2992



Either by calling or visiting Council’s Customer Service Centre.

Customer service call centre

  • 1300 790 919

Customer Service Centre

  • 25 Normanby Street, Yeppoon   (Town Hall)
  • 7 – 9 Hill Street, Emu Park (Library)

A complainant who makes a verbal complaint is strongly encouraged to commit the complaint in writing to ensure that all matters relating to the complaint are clearly documented.

Council will accept anonymous complaints, however it is important to note that sufficient information must be provided for the matter to be investigated.  It will not be possible for Council to clarify or seek further information from the complainant and it will not be possible to provide feedback in relation to any decisions made.

Council is committed to treating all complaints with appropriate respect for the confidentiality and privacy and will not disclose confidential information of the parties involved.