Wellness at the Coast

Wellness on the coast

Wellness at the Coast is an annual event that aims to improve community awareness and interest in mental health and wellbeing across the state. The event is linked to National Mental Health Week and World Mental Health Day which is held annually on 10 October. 

The theme for Queensland Mental Health Week 2020 is 'Take Time for Mental Health'

'Take Time' is about taking a moment to do some of the simple things anyone can do to boost their mental wellbeing. Take time is also about breaking down the stigma associated with mental illness and reaching out to people in our communities who need support and empower people to seek help! 

This event will have COVID-19 restrictions in place as per Queensland Government directions at the time, (subject to change depending Queensland Health advice). This event will be live streamed to allow the message about Mental Health to be reached by a much larger audience throughout Livingstone and beyond.

Registering for Event

Wellness at the Coast is a FREE event, though due to COVID-19 we require all community members to register to attend as tickets are limited. Head to Eventbrite to register for one session (or both!) now. 

Please note stallholders will be in attendance on the day from 8:30am - come along before or stay for a bit after your registered sessions to Take Time for your Mental Health!

If you are unable to attend, or live outside the Livingstone area please follow our Livingstone Facebook page where this event will be live streamed and recorded. This event is being live streamed to allow the message about Mental Health to be reached by a much larger audience throughout Livingstone and beyond.

*Community members are able to turn up on the day without registering, but risk being not able to participate if the event has sold out. We recommend that for the full experience to register and come along to both sessions. 

Sunrise Yoga - 7.00am - 8.00am

Join us for Sunrise Yoga at the Yeppoon Amphitheatre as part of Livingstone Shire Council's Wellness at the Coast event! Sunrise yoga will take place at the Yeppoon Amphitheatre to help 'Take Time for your Mental Health'.

Please bring along your own mat, towel and water bottle along to the session. Registration is FREE, however all participants must register through Eventbrite as numbers for the session are limited to 30 people.

Session 1 - 9.00am - 10.30am

  • Guests will enjoy Anita Rossiter speaking on stage about concerns of gut health and its connection to Mental Health. She will also be speaking about topics featured in her (nearly published!) book Thought Catcher; Finding Peace amongst the Constant Thought Chatter. 

    'Each day we have seventy thousand thoughts. 95% of those thoughts are repeated often, creating a constant mental noise or chatter that continues day in and day out. This can be a great thing if these thoughts are beneficial and productive but if we loop onto sometimes destructive automatic negative thoughts (ANT's), we can find ourselves in a place of anxiety and/or depression.

    The focus of both the book and this talk is to gain an understanding of how to identify different thoughts, explore ways to learn to observe and challenge our thinking and bring mindful practice into daily living. 

    To find out more about Anita Rossiter click here

  • Nicole Porter will conduct a mindful meditiation workshop for all registered guests. Nicole will explain the benefits of managing stress by meditating for beginners, followed by a full meditation. There will be a chance for questions and answers at the end of this session.

    In the Wellness at the Coast Meditation Workshop she will introduce the practices of Meditation and Mindfulness, outline some of their amazing benefits, and lead you through some lovely practices you can take home directly into your own life.

    A dedicated practitioner for almost 20 years and teaching now for over 14 years, Nicole understands first hand the profound benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices and their ability to move practitioners to greater levels of body-mind health and well being.  She feels deeply passionate about sharing these life changing practices with others, believing everyone has the right to live life to their fullest potential.

    This session will be live streamed via the Livingstone Shire Council Facebook page if you are unable to attend on the day. 

  • CQ Nutrition and Jack's Paddock will take guests through a Healthy Garden, Healthy Life Workshop. You will learn about growing your own herbs and vegetables which are great for both gut and mental health. This will be an interactive workshop allowing you to smell, look at and feel the different herbs and plants. You will also be shown ways to use and cook these products, as well as tips on how to grow these successfully. There will be an opportunity for questions at the end of the workshop. 

    This session will be live streamed via the Livingstone Shire Council Facebook page if you are unable to attend on the day. 

Session 2 - 11.00am - 1.00pm

  • Join Ross O'Rielly for a discussion on the importance of understanding and identifying Men's Mental Health. 

    Ross's true passion and purpose is helping people and teams reach their true potential. Ross is forever grateful to have had the opportunity to play this game of life and learn what he has from many great teachers. He has a love for sharing these enlightening insights with as many people and teams as possible.

    Find out more about Ross here

  • Dr Todd James will be presenting information about a new Disaster Recovery team within Mental Health Services, formed in response to recent bushfires. Dr James will also be discussing the importance of psychological first aid. 

  • Staff from the Livingstone Shire Community Centre will be speaking about simple acts of kindness, examples from the Kindness Board and also announcing the winners of the Wellness at the Coast Photography Competition for 2020.

Connect & Embrace Nature Photography Competition

  • The Connect & Embrace Nature Photography competition is an idea that was created to coincide with the Wellness at the Coast event to support mental health within our community. 

    Council is conducting this competition to embrace the natural surroundings of Livingstone Shire and to bring the community together. All residents of Livingstone Shire are welcome to enter and it will showcase the many talented photographers we have in the community!

    There are two categories within the competition; Junior (17 years and under) and Senior (18 years and over). The top five finalists will be chosen and will be showcased at the Wellness on the Coast event, as well as Livingstone Shire Council's social media channels leading up to the event. The competition winners will be announced on the day! 

  • You can enter the Connect & Embrace Nature Photography Competition through our Get Involved website through a simple registration process! 

    Entrants are encouraged to tell us the story behind their photo (why they were inspired by their chosen subject/location etc.) 

    This competition opens on Friday 18 September and will close on Tuesday 13 October.

    The First Prize winner will receive a $300 Keppel Cash Card and the Second Prize winner will receive a $100 Keppel Cash Card, for each category.


We would like to express our thanks to Carinity Education Rockhampton for supporting Wellness At The Coast and helping us fill our participants bellies with yummy food! 
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