Project Inspire

In July 2021 the Livingstone Youth Action Group took the opportunity to apply for a grant through the QLD Government’s ‘Investing in QLD Women’ funding initiative to address the unique issues faced by women and girls in the community.

The group investigated the Queensland Women’s Strategy and considered the 4 strategic priorities. The group had a particular interest in key priority area 1: Participation & Leadership. This priority was to ensure Queensland women and girls participate fully and equally in society and as leaders in the community,in politics and business.

Once the group chose this priority area to address they then discussed project ideas that would create positive change for women and girls. After a few brainstorming sessions, the group came up with ‘Project INSPIRE’!

Project INSPIRE is about inspiring young females to take the first step towards their career goals, regardless of the industry, through sharing the stories of local women working in male dominated industries and/or in leadership positions.

The group then set out to find 5 local women doing just that! They approached many male dominated industries to seek out female employees who may be interested in participating in this community project. Through their efforts, they found a female Police Officer, a female Fire Fighter, a female Builder, a female Truck Driver and a female DV worker.

Their next step was to interview these women and ask questions they, and their peers, would find interesting, relatable and inspiring. The 5 women then shared their stories and career journey’s with the group.

The next challenge for the Youth Action Group was to find a way to publish this information in a fun and funky way to encourage young readers engagement! The group worked alongside a graphic designer to turn the 5 women into Avatars and to share these stories through a series of fun Library displays and a book to compliment!

Each high school and Library in the Shire will receive the Library displays and books to continue inspiring young women and empower them to take the first step, regardless of the challenges!

Want to read the stories? Below are the 5 local women who participated in this project and shared their own challenges, inspiration, journeys and successes with us.

You can also view the book here. 

  • Project Inspire Amy 1

    Project Inspire Amy 2

    Project Inspire Amy 3

  • Project Inspire - Emily 1

    Project Inspire - Emily 2

  • Project Inspire - Louise 1

    Project Inspire - Louise 2

    Project Inspire - Louise 3

    Project Inspire - Louise 4

  • Project Inspire - Lucie 1

    Project Inspire - Lucie 2

    Project Inspire - Lucie 3

  • Project Inspire - Lyndie 1

    Project Inspire - Lyndie 2