Pre-Lodgement Meeting

What is a pre-lodgement meeting? 

Livingstone Shire Council is committed to providing customers with efficient, responsive and friendly service. Part of Council’s commitment to provide quality service includes free general planning and property advice as well as pre-lodgement discussions. 

The purpose of a pre-lodgement meeting is to provide an opportunity for applicants and Council Officers to discuss key issues relevant to a specific proposal. The meeting will include Council Officers from various specialist areas including town planning, engineering, environmental health and natural resource management. 

Large scale and complex development proposals generally involve a greater array of issues and a pre-lodgement meeting with Council’s Development Control Unit is recommended before the lodgement of an application. 

Setting up a pre-lodgement meeting 

Prospective applicants must submit a completed Prelodgement Meeting Request Form and provide the following:  

  • A proposal plan, including any proposed layout and/or elevation plans;
  • A brief description of the proposal;
  • An agenda or summary of specific issues that you wish to discuss; and
  • Details of alternative solutions to specific issues/non-compliances identified in the Planning Scheme

Prelodgement meetings are held every Wednesday morning from 10am. The above information and completed Prelodgement Meeting Request Form must be provided by close of business on the Monday two weeks prior to the proposed meeting date.

Please ensure you nominate your preferred meeting date and time on the pre-lodgement meeting request form. Council will make every effort to meet your request.

Phone: 1300 790 919
Post: PO Box 2292 Yeppoon Qld 4703

Please note that information provided at the meeting is given in good faith, it in no way binds a decision by the Council. Furthermore the advice provided does not indicate in any way the outcome of any subsequent formal assessment process.

Following the pre-lodgement meeting applicants will receive a copy of the Minutes of the meeting outlining the issues discussed. The information provided is intended to be used as a guide only and does not constitute a detailed assessment and in no way guarantees the outcome of any subsequent assessment process. For complex proposals Applicants may still need to seek assistance from professionals such as town planning consultants, architects, engineers, designers and surveyors. 

The pre-lodgement service is not intended to answer general interpretation of the Planning Scheme, identification of all applicable codes or determination of the required level of assessment. If you require general advice of this nature, Council offers a Duty Planner service for planning related matters. Talking to the Duty Planner is a good starting point and should help you to decide if your proposal will be acceptable to Council. 

You should identify areas of non-compliance with, or deviation from, the requirements of the Planning Scheme prior to attending the meeting. Council recommends that you review the relevant Planning Scheme requirements.