Post Development Approvals and Appeals

After your planning application is approved, you may need other approvals before you can start your project. Details will be set out in the conditions of approval attached to the decision notice. Penalties apply for unauthorised work and you can also appeal the development approval decision or make changes.

If you are satisfied with the development approval decision, your next steps may include:

  • You must comply with the relevant conditions of approval, including timing requirements
  • Survey Plan endorsement - you are required to engage a Surveyor to commence this process prior to lodgement with Council)
  • Additional approvals for Operational Works, building or plumbing works (no works can commence on site prior to obtaining required approvals)
  • Payment of long service levy (QLeave) - this is relevant to any works valued over $150,000.00 and must be paid prior to issuance of an approval for Operational Works or Building Works
  • Payment of Infrastructure Charges, Rates and any relevant Security Bonds; and
  • Providing evidence of compliance of State referral conditions of approval.

If you're not satisfied with the decision or would like to make changes, you can:

  • Talk to a town planner by contacting the Duty Planner on 07 4913 5000
  • Make change representation during the appeal period, or make a change application if all appeals periods have ended
  • Before a development approval lapses, an applicant may lodge an Extension Application to extend the currency period of a development approval
  • Find more information regarding Appeal a development approval.