Capricorn Coast Flood Mitigation Strategy

On 26 March 2014, Livingstone Shire was impacted by a short, sharp rainfall event that coincided with a Spring High Tide. This caused flash‑flooding across the Capricorn Coast and rural hinterland, creating extremely dangerous road conditions, landslips, widespread road closures, and severe inundation of homes and businesses.

A collection of six complementary and integrated projects were proposed for the Yeppoon CBD/Commercial Precinct which either redirect stormwater flow, or reduce/remove physical barriers to increase capacity of the road network to cope with the high volumes of stormwater flow.

Project 1: Arthur and Queen Street Intersection Upgrade was completed in 2015.
Project 2: Queen and Barry Street Intersection Upgrade was completed in 2015.
Project 3: James and Hill Street Intersection Upgrade was completed in 2015.
Project 4: Cordingley Street Channel was completed in 2016.
You can view the Capricorn Coast Flood Mitigation Strategy Stage 1 document here.

  • Problem:

    The Old Railway Station and platform presents a significant hydraulic blockage to stormwater run-off from Arthur Street (North) and Park Street (North).

    The culverts under the Old Railway Station building have limited capacity and the surface flow is currently diverted into the James Street catchment causing flooding at the James Street and Hill Street intersection.


    Relocate the Old Railway Station and platform to western end adjacent the very popular Pineapple Rail Trail. This project is subject to approval of Station owner.

    Total Project Cost $750,000

  • Problem:

    The existing open channel from Whitman Street to Fig Tree Creek does not have sufficient hydraulic flow capacity to cope with stormwater flow requirements associated with a Major Rain event.


    Widening the existing channels in accordance with Queensland Urban Drainage Guidelines. 

    Total Project Cost $300,000