Greenwaste loads are accepted at the following waste facilities:

  • Cawarral
  • Emu Park
  • Marlborough
  • The Caves
  • Yeppoon

Domestic Loads of Greenwaste brought into Council Waste Facilities

Green Waste and clean timber are mulched at the Yeppoon Landfill and Emu Park Waste Facilities. The green waste and timber from other waste facilities are transported back to the Yeppoon Landfill for mulching. The mulch is used beneficially in on-site operations (such as erosion control).

Council mulch is produced to two grades:

  • Standard (processed once); and
  • Fine (processed twice).

Commencing as of 1 September 2021, all domestic self-haul green waste loads will be charged a transaction fee of $5.00 per load or 1 waste voucher per load. This will off-set some of the costs of maintaining and mulching all green waste at Waste Facilities throughout our Shire. These costs are in the vicinity of $400,000.00 per year which is for the processing of greenwaste disposed of at the Yeppoon Landfill and Waste Transfer Stations by our residents. The processing includes pushing the stockpiles of greenwaste, grinding of the greenwaste into mulch and managing of mulch so it doesn’t catch on fire.

Council has introduced a “User Pays” system rather than increasing the rates for all of the residents in our Shire, so that the cost is fairly distributed to those who use this service.

Residents who are concerned about the $5.00 fee are encouraged to plant native species in their yards which require less maintenance (hence less greenwaste to be disposed of) and supports the local fauna in our community.

  • Alternatively residents are able to use 1 Voucher to dispose of greenwaste.
  • Consider using a compost bin in your yard.

Commencing as of 2 August 2021, there will be no fee for the sale of self-loaded Standard mulch but Fine Grade mulch will still attract a fee.

Commercial Greenwaste Charges

All Commercial Operators will be charged to dispose greenwaste. A full list of the applicable Fees and Charges can be viewed here. 

Commercial Operators include:

  • Lawn Mowing / Yard Maintenance Contractors
  • Garden Tidy Bag Contractors
  • Tree Loppers
  • All other Commercial Operators

​Supply and Loading of Mulch

Fees and charges for the supply and loading of mulch can be found here at Fees and Charges.

  • All vehicles will be loaded to the legal limit - please do NOT request overloading
  • All loads are to be tarped - NO exceptions

Free Loading Schedule:

 Emu Park

1st Tuesday and
2nd Saturday of each month

2.30pm - 5.30pm
12.00noon - 3.00pm


1st Tuesday and
2nd Saturday of each month

8.00am - 11.00am
8.00am - 11.00am