Domestic Waste Vouchers

Keep your home and our Shire clean and tidy with domestic waste vouchers.

How does it work?

Livingstone Shire Council issue ten (10) domestic waste vouchers per year to each residential ratepayer in Livingstone Shire to help households remove general and green waste.

The waste vouchers will be posted to eligible domestic ratepayers when the rate notices are issued in July/August of each year.

If you are a Landlord, please pass on the vouchers to your tenants. This will assist them to keep your property clean and tidy.

What do the vouchers entitle me to?

The vouchers are valid for the disposal of self-hauled general domestic waste and uncontaminated green waste at Livingstone Shire Council Waste Facilities. Byfield and Stanage Bay Transfer Stations do not accept green waste. 

Commercial customers cannot use the vouchers and relevant charges apply, as per Council's Fees and Charges.

Green Waste

Use ONE voucher per load to dispose of green waste (sedan, station wagon, utility vehicle, flat-top, van or trailer).

Green waste can include branches, leaves and grass clippings, but not pots, pavers, sleepers or soil.

Domestic Waste

ONE voucher to dispose of domestic waste volume equal to a sedan or station wagon boot.
TWO vouchers to dispose of domestic waste with volume equal to a utility vehicle, flat-top, van or trailer.
THREE vouchers to dispose of domestic waste with volume equal to a large trailer, or a smaller trailer or ute fitted with load enhancers or extended sides to increase capacity.

Are there types of waste I can't use my vouchers for?

Vouchers cannot be used for the disposal of tyres, mattresses, asbestos, solar panels, regulated waste or commercial waste.  These items will continue to incur a cost for disposal as per the Fees and Charges.

What should I do with the recyclables in my load?

Recyclables must be separated from your load and disposed of for free at the Landfill or Transfer Station prior to using vouchers. This helps to reduce recyclable materials being sent to Landfill unnecessarily. Remember to ‘Sort your Load and Save’ money and the number of vouchers you use each time you visit a Waste Facility.

How do I use my vouchers?

Present your voucher at the gatehouse where an attendant will assess your load and advise of the number of vouchers required.

You can use a maximum of three vouchers per transaction.

What if I don’t have enough vouchers for my load?

Vouchers can be used as part payment, with the remainder of the costs to be paid by cash or Eftpos (only available at Yeppoon Landfill).

How long are the vouchers valid for?

The vouchers for this financial year are valid for use between 1 September for that year and 31 August of the following year. Please check your voucher for the expiry date to ensure you are using current vouchers.

What happens if I lose my vouchers?

Unfortunately, lost vouchers will not be replaced.

Can I cash my vouchers in if I don’t use them?

No. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or used as a form of payment for other Council services.

What can I do if my Landlord hasn’t passed on the vouchers?

Please contact your real estate agent or landlord directly to ask for vouchers allocated to that property.

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