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At the Bushfire Recovery and Resilience Forum the whole community will have the opportunity to listen and talk to industry related experts, who will provide valuable information and insights into Bushfire Resilience & Recovery techniques for both urban and rural residents and the Horticultural and Agricultural Industries. To find out more information on each speaker, view the below information and click on the image to head to the organisation's website. 

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  • For all information on the speakers at this event, you can download the Event Program in full here. 


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    The CQARA is a membership association for Amateur Radio operators in the Central Queensland area. The CQARA is a not for profit organisation that engages in the promotion of Amateur Radio communication and experimentation. The EMCOMS (Emergency communications) is a program of the CQARA which consists of Amateur Radio Licensees who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communication duty in the public service whenever disaster strikes.

    Find out more  about the Central Queensland Amateur Radio Association

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    Growcom serves and represents Queensland’s fruit, vegetable and nut growers. We strive for the long term growth and success of horticultural farms and the industry as a whole.
    Growcom’s members include fruit, vegetable and nut producers along with individuals, organisations and companies who have an interest in the future of Queensland horticulture.

    At Growcom we champion our members’ needs and provide a hub for the Queensland growing community. We are the only organisation in Australia to deliver services across the entire horticulture industry – to businesses and organisations of all commodities, sizes and regions, and across the value chain. While we are Queensland-based, we deliver national-scale projects and policy initiatives.

    Growcom’s core purpose is to advocate on behalf of our industry members. We are proud to support our growers and their families and to take our industry’s needs to all levels of government and key players in the supply chain. We also deliver a range of programs, services and opportunities that help businesses and industries achieve greater success.

    Find out more about Growcom

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    The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) is the united voice of intensive, semi-intensive and irrigated agriculture in Queensland. It is a federation that represents the interests of peak state and national agriculture industry organisations.

    QFF engages in a broad range of economic, social, environmental and regional issues of strategic importance to the productivity, sustainability and growth of the agricultural sector. QFF’s mission is to secure a strong and sustainable future for Queensland farmers by representing the common interests of our member organisations.

    For more than 30 years, QFF has earned a formidable reputation as a leader in sectoral policy development and driving change to improve the operating environment for Queensland’s farmers. Recognised as a non-partisan organisation that works effectively with all levels and sides of government, QFF is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential and respected advocacy groups in Queensland.

    Find out more about Queensland Farmers' Federation


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    Central Queensland Disaster Recovery Team provides support to individuals, children and families to assist with their mental health recovery following the Central Queensland bushfires. Evidence-based approaches are utilised including individual therapy sessions, community engagement, psychoeducational workshops, support and education to clinicians and other professionals, resilience building.

    Find out more about the CQ Health - Disaster and Recovery Team

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    Capricornia Catchments Inc. is a not-for-profit, non-government community based, natural resource management organisation. The organisation’s office is based in Rockhampton, servicing an area of approximately 60,000kmin Central Queensland. The organisation currently has 906 individual members and 52 group members.

    Capricornia Catchments is one of three subregions that receive operational funding from the Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA) to implement sustainable land management practices within the catchments of the Fitzroy, Boyne, Calliope and coastal catchments of Broadsound and Capricorn Coast regions for the past eight years.

    Find out more about Capricornia Catchments

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    'The only place you need to be when disaster strikes!'
    Visit the Livingstone Shire Council Disaster Dashboard