Application Enquiry

Application Enquiry is a tool used as part of Council's online services. Application Enquiry provides is a tool for applicants to submit material. It also allows applicants and members of the public to track the status of development applications and to view material submitted as part of development applications. Application Enquiry can be found on Council's Online Services page. 

Code assessable applications

Some development applications will be ‘code assessable’. This type of development is generally expected and can be assessed against clear requirements within the planning scheme.

Code assessable applications are not required to be publicly notified, which means community members may not see a sign on the land about the development proposal. There is no formal mechanism to make a submission on code assessable applications.

Impact assessable applications

Some development applications are ‘impact assessable’. This is for development proposals that are usually more complex. These development applications will always be publicly notified for a set period of time, called the ‘public notification period’. The community is made aware of the opportunity to comment during this period via a sign on the land, a notice in a local newspaper or on the local government’s website, or a letter from the applicant, if you are an adjoining land owner.

Information on how to make a submission on an impact assessable development application is available in this information sheet.