Water Storage

Livingstone Shire Council is responsible for the management of the following water storage assets supplying water to the Capricorn Coast, Marlborough and Ogmore. 

Water Park Creek Weir
Water Park Creek Weir is a small 1.3m high concrete weir located on Water Park Creek. The weir has been the primary source of water for the Capricorn Coast from Yeppoon to Emu Park. Water is pumped from the weir to Kelly’s Storage which is adjacent to the Woodbury Water Treatment Plant which processes the Capricorn Coast water supplies. 

In 2010, the Capricorn Coast water supply was supplemented by a potable supply via the Rockhampton to Yeppoon Pipeline which alleviated some of the demands on the Water Park Creek supplies. The weir is located in a pristine environment and has a storage capacity of 300mL. 

Kelly’s Off Stream Storage
Kelly’s Off Stream Storage is an earth embankment, 168m long and 18m high, with a storage capacity of 1,237mL. Water diverted from Water Park Creek is stored as a buffer to supply the Woodbury Water Treatment Plant which processes the Capricorn Coast water supplies. The off-stream storage is located approximately 17km north of the township of Yeppoon and is not available for public access. 

Montrose Creek Weir
Montrose Creek Weir is a small 500mm high concrete weir located on a rock outcrop in Montrose Creek approximately 6km west of the Ogmore Township. The weir has a supply capacity of 12 megalitres and is the only water supply (non potable) for the Ogmore Township. 

As at 1 December 2015, there are 19 reservoirs located in the Shire that act as storage facilities for a number of water supply systems. 


Potable Reservoirs

Non-potable Reservoirs

Capricorn Coast