Road Closures

Please note: If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the below map you can access the road closures directly through 
If you need to notify Council of any flooded roads, pot holes or any other road queries or concerns, please head to our Online Service Centre.

While floodwaters cover the road, road closures are essential for road user safety and to avoid damage to roads and bridges. Sometimes road closures are extended after the water recedes.

This can be due to:
  • sections being eroded or washed-out; 
  • flood debris on roads and bridges;
  • damage to bridges and culverts which may compromise road user safety.

At all times, community members’ safety is the number one priority of Council. Council endeavours to minimise the duration of road closures. However, the length of a closure depends on the time needed to: 

  • remove flood debris;
  • inspect and assess the roads and bridges to ensure they are safe;
  • Make the necessary repairs or build temporary sidetracks.