Priorities - Rural Road Maintenance

Defects are divided into three priority levels as below:

Priority 1 – Safety Legislative:
These activities cover defects which constitute a safety problem to the road user and for which, the intervention level is reached without significant warning as opposed to usability defects which occur over a long period of time and can be planned for repair in advance of serious failure. Response time is generally within a 24 hour period.

Priority 2 – Preventative:
These defects are usability problems and those that would eventually become safety problems and their programming will reduce the occurrence of more costly repairs. Response time can be up to 3 months dependent on budgetary constraints, speed of deterioration and traffic counts.

Priority 3 – Usability/appearance:
These defects are those that are time/usability related which do not fall into the above two categories. Response time can be up to 6 months dependent on budgetary constraints.