Plumbing and Drainage Application: Checklist and Plans

How to use the Plumbing and Drainage Application Checklist 
The Sewered Area Checklist / Non Sewered Area Checklist and On-site Treatment Facilities Checklist have been developed to assist in the preparation of plumbing and drainage applications to Livingstone Shire Council. 

If all of the items contained in the checklists are included with the application and associated plans contain the detail demonstrated by the Sewered Sample Plan, Non Sewered Sample Plan plus Sample On-Site Treatment Facilities Site Plan, applications will be assessed quickly and without the need for additional 'Information Requests'. 

User Guide
1. The checklists provide applicants with a list of the documents to be submitted as part of an application.
2. Each checklist also provides a list of the detail and information to be contained in each
3. Please attach the fully completed documentation to the relevant checklist.
4. The full application can then be submitted and associated fees paid online at our Online Service Centre

On the right are listed sample plans as examples and a checklist to be submitted with completed application.