Pension Concession, Government Emergency Levy, Water Rates

Pensioner Concession
Council allows a Pensioner Rate Rebate for Pensioners who qualify under the State Government guidelines. Applicants approved for the Government Subsidy also receive the Council subsidy.

For further information contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 4913 5000 or 1300 790 919 or view our Key Rating Information 2018-2019.

Pensioners who have already lodged an application will, under normal circumstances, not be required to apply again in the future years.

Emergency Management, Fire and Rescue Levy
A compulsory charge collected by Council on behalf of the State Government to fund emergency services and to help support and rebuild communities devastated by emergencies such as floods, cyclones, fires and accidents.  The levy applies to each individual lot except where lots are used as a bona-fide primary producing land.  More than one levy may appear on a rates notice that is for multiple lots.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Service provides Council with a schedule of charges, and Council collects this levy on behalf of the State Government.  This charge is levied at the time of issue of Rates Notices.

Water Rates 
Water Consumption Accounts are issued quarterly on a rolling fortnightly basis. Water Accounts are only issued for water usage charges as water access charges are included on Rates Notices.