Livingstone 2050: Shaping Our Tomorrow

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Livingstone Shire Council is undertaking a long-term strategic planning project in order to gain a greater awareness of the community's needs, aspirations, opportunities, and challenges over a thirty-year horizon.

Livingstone 2050: Shaping Our Tomorrow will draw on consultation and engagement from stakeholders across the local community, not-for-profit community organisations, business, advocacy groups, non-government organisations, and government agencies to ensure a comprehensive vision for the future is achieved.

This project, guided by the community, will enable Council to:

  • provide a united strategic vision for long-term sustainable growth and development in the Livingstone region;
  • provide a foundation for consistent decision making over the long term;
  • provide a basis for project and resource allocation priorities;
  • facilitate understanding of our roles and responsibilities in the community and build stronger relationships between Council and the community; and
  • give confidence to key stakeholders, investors and the public that the Council and the region knows where it is heading and how it intends to get there.

The Livingstone 2050: Shaping Our Tomorrow online survey is now open and can be accessed here.

LATEST UPDATE: The phone survey associated with the Livingstone 2050 planning project is nearing completion and Council would like to thank all those who have contributed so far. Please note that the phone survey is designed to gather a wide cross-section of ages and be representative of the whole community. So if you’re contacted and declined for a phone survey, that means your demographic (for example, age group) has already been surveyed.  If you would still like to contribute Council would love to hear from you via the online survey that can be accessed through the above link.  

All the results from both the online survey and the phone survey, as well as other engagement activities, will be collated into an anonymous report to guide the planning process. The results will give Council a whole of community perspective, thanks again for showing an interest in the future of Livingstone – every opinion counts!