Livingstone Shire's Diversity

"Council aims to embrace diversity and promote an inclusive, liveable community where everyone feels they belong. Council is committed to act in ways that ensures present and future generations have equality of opportunity to contribute to the social, political, economic and cultural life of the region”.
Bill Ludwig, Mayor, Livingstone Shire Council. 

Culturally Responsive Governance.
Livingstone Shire Council strives to deliver equitable services and opportunities.

An inclusive, harmonious and united community.
Livingstone Shire Council supports the principle of ‘valuing’ all people in order to develop an integrated, accessible and equitable community.

Economic Opportunities.
Livingstone Shire Council welcomes a broad range of backgrounds, interest, values diversity and recognises that our differences are our strength and uniqueness.

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Livingstone Shire Diversity
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Countries of Birth
Thank you to Christine Doherty, Chairperson Woppaburra Land Trust; Jeannie Parter, Secretary Australian South Sea Islander Movement Inc;  Darumbal Enterprises and Helen Gallehawk, Project Officer.

All data sourced from ABS Census, 2016.