Thank you to all our Entrants in the 2018 Livingstone Lifestyle and Garden Competition.  Our judges have been busy visiting all entries across the shire to choose our 2018 Winners! All winners will be announced on Friday 19 October and will be posted here. 
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Best Edible Garden

Gardens entered in this category may be vegetable, fruit, culinary herb, ‘bush tucker’ or gardens that are a combination of all of these.
Gardens entered must contain a diverse selection of produce, and may be the traditional bed type of garden, patio garden, hydroponic garden
or a recyclable/water wise garden.

Best Use of Native Plants

Entries in this category must consist of a significant proportion of Australian Native plants presented in a layout that both enhances and complements other plant varieties in the surrounding garden. The types of native plants used should demonstrate a low water requirement in their upkeep and should possess ecological qualities such as attracting birds and butterflies.

Best Colour Garden

Entries in this category are invited from either planted gardens or potted gardens that provide an abundance of eye catching colour stemming from vibrant displays of both spring annuals and/or seasonal flowering shrubs including non-flowering shrubs/plants with brightly coloured foliage.

Best Lifestyle Garden

This category takes into account speciality feature garden areas that embrace a relaxed outdoor lifestyle and are closely associated with a living and/or leisure area. These may include bush and orchid houses, swimming pool surrounds, pergolas and barbecue and outdoor entertaining areas that have been tastefully complemented with a décor of living plants. 

Best Senior/Pensioner's Garden

This category is open to any senior/retired residents living in their own home and maintaining their own garden. It also includes those living in a retirement or over 50’s complex that have established and personally maintained their own small private garden. This category also includes potted gardens. Gardens entered in this category should complement the surrounds of the villa or unit concerned. 

Best Novice Garden under 12 Months

Gardens entered in this category must be newly established and under 12 months old. Entries in this category can be any variety of garden.

Best Use of Recyclable/Reusable Items

This new category is all about the 3 R’s - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. We will be looking to see where you are using the 3 R’s in your garden. You can do this in any form and with any type of garden. You may be reducing your water consumption by using drip feed, reusing your kitchen scraps feeding a worm farm, made your garden patch out of old tyres or wooden pallets or have been creative and introduced a feature into your garden that is made out of broken tiles, old pieces of furniture or old utensils etc. The ideas are endless and very beneficial to our environment. Judges will be looking to see how many ways you have introduced the 3 R’s into your garden.

Best Community/Corporate School Garden
Gardens entered in this category must be from a community/corporate organisation including not for profit, local businesses, training/tertiary education institutions and includes all schools state and private. These gardens should consist of an appealing blend of colour and texture provided by a variety of plants including shrubs, trees, climbers, groundcovers, annuals, ornamentals and lawn areas. 

Livingstone Lifestyle and Garden Competition 2018 Winners