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1. Where do I go to get financial assistance?
2. Will I have to pay to take my cyclone debris and greenwaste to the landfill or transfer station?
3. What should I do about trees or vegetation which has fallen onto my property from the road verge and footpath?
4. I have too much cyclone debris and greenwaste in my yard to take to the landfill myself. Is there any assistance available?
5. What times are the landfills and transfer stations open?
6. I've been to Yeppoon Town Hall and noticed the Community Recovery Hub and Support Centre has moved. Where has it been moved to?
7. Are all the parks now open?
8. What locations will the Visiting Information Centres be going to?
9. Is the Scenic Highway at Statue Bay open?
10. How can I contact BlazeAid and what type of assistance do they provide to rural residents?
11. Please explain what is happening with trees and debris along the Western Yeppoon - Byfield Road?